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Dealing With the Stress of Working From Home

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many office workers have been forced to work from home. As the highly contagious virus swept through communities, quarantine protocols have been imposed to combat its spread. People had to adapt and work from their homes.

Of course, working from home has existed before the pandemic. Many freelance workers do this all the time. But the pandemic has exposed the fact that some jobs can be done without coming to the office. This has made it appealing to many people.

Working from home can be convenient. It can also save time, energy, and gas money since commuting is essentially out of the daily routine. Despite eliminating several problems, working from home does introduce several new ones.

What Does Working From Home Bring? 

Working from home can be convenient at first glance. But it can still be as challenging as working on company premises. It may even be harder. The illusion that it is easy comes from the fact that workers no longer have to deal with the stressful commute.

Work-Life Imbalance

Working from home essentially eliminates the boundaries between work life and home life. There is no more separation between the two. The home has become one with the workplace.

Work often induces stress and anxiety for many people.  This lack of separation makes it difficult for people to relax and unwind inside their homes. Of course, this affects the home life of those who choose to work from home.

More Responsibilities

Working from home can also mean more responsibilities. People are now juggling home responsibilities and work tasks. They now have to take care of chores while having to deal with work.

Some people may also lose their sense of time. Because they are at home, they feel like they can do more with their time. This can cause them to spend long hours working.

Job Burnout 

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With that, one can only expect that all these can lead to job burnout. It has been observed that people who worked from home experienced burnout. Of course, this is never a good thing.

Being burnt out can put one’s health at risk. Being perpetually tired can also affect one’s mental health. They no longer have the time nor the energy to participate in the things they enjoy.

With that, people who work from home should learn how to deal with the stress of working from home. Yes, working from home can be stressful. But there are many ways on how we can combat its effects.

Physical Activity

Exercising has always been a great way to reduce feelings of stress. It stimulates the production of endorphins in the body. This can make us feel good. Apart from that, physical activity is also key in keeping our bodies physically healthy.

With that, it may be wise for people who work from home to develop an exercise routine. Many exercises can be done indoors. And most of them are not too strenuous on the body.

They can also try special exercises such as tai chi to help reduce their stress. This has been regarded as an effective way to reduce stress. There are tai chi classes online that can guide them on how to do it properly.

Creating a Schedule

Another way to tackle the stress of working from home is to create a schedule. People who work from home may not have an official schedule to follow. This can make it hard for them to structure their day.

A schedule essentially helps them gain control of their activities. This may also help them learn when to stop working. Creating a schedule can also help them identify their resting hours.

This ensures that they have dedicated time for them to rest. Of course, when a schedule has been created, they need to follow it strictly. Failing to follow the schedule may make it hard for them to establish a resting routine.

Developing a Routine Before Work 

It can be common for people who work from home to work immediately after waking up. While this may sound like something a productive person would do, it can be counterproductive. We need to prepare ourselves for the day ahead.

Again, work can be stress-inducing. Working immediately after waking up can be stressful as the day passes by. People need to develop a routine before they work. This helps them condition their minds into working.

Participating in Hobbies


Of course, one should never forget about the things that they enjoy doing. Hobbies can bring us joy and can help relieve our stress. They help us experience positive emotions.

Also, they are a great distraction from work. We need to make time to participate in these activities. Consistently participating in hobbies can significantly help us cope with the stress of working from home.

Don’t Forget to Spend Time With Your Family 

One of the biggest advantages of working from home is that one can spend more time with their family. But the workload may make us forget about this advantage. Spending time with family can help relieve stress. It also helps strengthen the bond between family members.

Working from home is not perfect. It can be exhausting, and there are almost no boundaries between home and work life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When done right, working from home can be light and enjoyable for those who choose it

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