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A Guide for Men: Dealing with Surprise Pregnancy

Over 50 percent of women reported unexpected pregnancies in 2008. It’s good that the percentage dropped to 45 percent in 2011. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defined unintended pregnancies as “unwanted or untimely.” Unwanted is when there’s no desire to have a child or children at all. Untimely is when it isn’t the right time to bear a child, such as teenage pregnancy.

In addition, a new study examined both unintended pregnancy and abortion cases based on the region, women’s income, and the legal status of abortion. It revealed a substantial decline in unexpected pregnancy cases from 1990 to 2019. It also showed that women in the poorest countries were the most impacted due to the lack of abortion care services.

When it comes to a surprise pregnancy, it’s the affected women who carry all the burden. So how do you handle this situation? Be responsible! That said, here’s how to deal with a surprise pregnancy:

1. Stay calm

It’s one thing to expect a baby; it’s another to get caught off guard with a surprise pregnancy. There are two possible reactions to this unexpected scenario. You’ll either get utterly excited or worried. For this reason, it’s crucial to get your composure and stay calm as soon as you learn about the pregnancy. As much as possible, you don’t want to get carried away and make your partner disappointed with your reactions.

2. Acknowledge the situation

After receiving the unexpected news, it’s crucial to process the reality of the situation. The worse thing that can happen is to deny it and run away from your partner. That’s the most unmanly behavior you can ever show. Be sure to acknowledge the situation and get ready for what lies ahead. That’s one step to making the right decision and taking the right action.

3. Provide emotional support

It’s easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed about the surprise pregnancy, especially if you aren’t prepared and ready. However, it’s all the more critical for your partner as she’s the one carrying the baby. For this reason, you must provide her with the utmost emotional support and psychological comfort. Ultimately, your partner needs you now more than ever.

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4. Make a decision

As far as decision-making is concerned, there are two routes to take. You can opt to keep or abort the baby. You can choose to bear, grow, and nurture your child despite the odds brought about by the unexpected pregnancy. But if you and your partner aren’t ready, it’s practical to consider an abortion. But of course, factor in the legalities in your state and country. If it’s legal in your area, you can look for an abortion clinic.

5. Have planning and preparation

Whether you choose to keep or abort your baby, have proper planning and preparation. Know that carrying the baby for nine months isn’t easy for your partner. In fact, prenatal care is a part of the overall equation. As much as possible, foster the health and well-being of both your child and your partner. As the man, you must also be financially prepared. Even if you choose to abort the baby, your partner must physically, emotionally, and mentally prepare for the abortion.

6. Take proper action

After planning and preparation, it’s time to take proper action toward healthy pregnancy or safe abortion. As far as healthy pregnancy is concerned, your partner needs the help and assistance of health professionals. On a personal level, you must also take good care of her through proper nutrition, light exercises, enough sleep, and constant communication. When it comes to abortion, talk to the abortion care professional and ask how to physically and psychologically prepare for the termination of the baby.

7. Think of the future

At this juncture, there’s no other way but to be ready for what lies ahead. If you choose to keep the baby, you must think and prepare for the future. That way, you and your family can have a bright future ahead of you. If you choose to abort the baby, take the lesson with you. It’s best to get into contraception if you and your spouse aren’t yet ready to have a baby. Know that contraceptives and other means are readily available in the market.

At this point, you now know how to deal with a surprise pregnancy. Make sure to consider the recommendations discussed above. Keep in mind that your spouse or partner needs you now more than ever. Whether you are both planning to terminate the baby or keep the child, be highly critical and responsible in your actions. Ultimately, doing so will help foster the welfare of all parties involved—your child primarily, your partner, and your well-being.

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