What It Means to Be a Man

SUVs, Sedans, and What It Means to Be a Man

Cars are, technically, are not an investment. Most cars you’ll buy, the moment you drive it off the dealer’s lot, it loses its value. And it will lose more value over time, and the best return you’ll have from it is if you take care of it. A well-maintained car may not repay you in money (unless you’re an Uber driver), but not breaking down in the middle of a road trip with friends or family should be a good enough return for keeping it in good condition.

Try telling these things to a man.


The Strangely Personal (and Irrational) Value of Cars to Men

Guys don’t want to impress people by telling them they want to buy this car or this car is their dream. They buy the car, no matter how impractical it could be. On his own, a man will always buy a high-performance car. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sporty hatchback, an unjustifiably powerful crossover or a pickup that could tow an airplane, a man left on his own to decide will buy a high-performance car.

Value of Cars to MenThat’s because we attach a strange value to our cars. In some cases, it’s even irrational how men see cars. When our cars get dinged, it’s like our very own ego is marred. Some fathers clean their cars more than their little children. We give it names. We buy all sorts of cleaning fluids so we can put the shine on it ourselves because making our cars clean and glimmering is a point of pride for us. It’s all pointless, but we do it anyway.

Sometimes, this irrationality takes a wrong turn, particularly in putting up the money in a car we don’t need. When a midrange crossover would do, men will want a full 4×4 SUV. When a hatchback has enough space and seats, we look at sedans that are more expensive with their inexplicable length. We end up losing more money in the process and getting tied up to pay for a car for a longer period.

If you want proof of this obsession to buy the manliest option, search for “are sedans manly” on Google. It’s all masculine this, luxury that, buy what’s cool. We take cars too seriously, and that’s why there is content like this. It’s feeding on what’s obviously a weakness, and as modern men, we shouldn’t be falling to traps like these anymore.

To be better, we must listen to what women say to all these: what’s the difference?


Loyalty to Your Necessity

As I write this article, I realize that I’ve always wanted a Range Rover, despite the car being never in my price range (even in my dreams, I only drove a Mazda CX-7). It’s a pipe dream, and if I’m going to buy a house for my family, it probably has to stay that way.

Honda CRVThis is why we should listen to other people, our friends, families, and spouses. It makes little to no difference in your masculinity if you have a small car if you need a small car. A VW Golf has a racing pedigree that rivals the entirety of the current line of Mercedes Benz cars. A Honda CRV is better at hauling your entire family than a pickup because it has a roof. If you just need a car for your job, a Fiat 500 is more than enough to get you around with ease (and it is so easy to park).

Then again, when your needs call for a top-of-the-line Ford F-150 with all the bells and whistles, it’s not something you should think twice about. If you do a lot of heavy transportation, towing, and hauling, it really is the car for you. Transit vans do even better when it comes to providing space. The point is you should get what you need because it’s what will reward you.


Reward Your Manliness in Another Way

There’s no wounded masculinity that can’t be fixed by a brand new Italian suit. It costs so much less than a car that you don’t need, and it just makes more sense. Whether you have a family or, especially, if you’re a bachelor, life is easier when you’re money’s not tied up paying for a roll cage or that extra turbocharger.

If you come into a lot of money or have a lot of disposable income, it’s better to aim for immediate gratification Here are a few examples:

A pair of dress shoes is a nice addition to any man’s closet. A pair of Jo Ghost brogues outshine anything you have in your shoe collection, and it could be a way for you to dressing stately.

wall climbingA new workout regimen may sate your desire to be stronger. Wall climbing is probably one of the best whole-body programs for anyone for its ability to push you to be fit. More than that, there’s also the mental aspect to climbing. It’s arguably the hardest form of movement for humans, and to brave 50-foot walls is no easy matter. Whether you have a fear of heights or just never had the will to pull your weight up, there’s something cathartic in willing yourself to finish a climbing course. There’s an even more rush and achievement in climbing an actual rock wall. Do you want something that will display your physicality and fortitude? Be like Alex Honnold, then.

A new hobby is in the cards, too. Nothing is more perfect for man to learn than being handier. We need to builders again, not just fixers. The almost forgotten activity of creating your own chairs, tables, and benches is something we need to rediscover. It’s as useful as it is manly, practical.


Call me fanatical, but Don Vito Corleone’s opinion about masculinity is something every man should value. The family should always come first. There are things in a man’s life that is always more important than superficial desires. Adapt it to however you like. Buying a house should always come first. My mental and physical fitness come first. A comfortable retirement comes first. These priorities are what make our decisions important and impactful, not a powerful car that’s just going to be a money drain over time.

Be a man, and think. That’s the greatest measure of who we are as a gender.

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