The Basics of Gift Giving: Sentimental and Useful Presents for Men

If you are not exceptionally talented at picking gifts, occasions like birthdays and holidays can be a real stress. For some, giving gifts is such a personal act that they end up spending hours just thinking about what kind of gift to give others. Will the other person like it? Will they find it helpful?

Regardless of whether it’s a man or a woman who will get a gift from you, there are two essential things you need to consider. One is usefulness, and the other is sentimental value. To avoid spending so much time getting anxious about your gifts, just stick with either of these two.

Give Gifts Based on Sentimental Value

Contrary to popular belief, men like receiving sentimental gifts, too. Giving a guy canvas photo gifts is one way to do it. Choose photos of great significance to them, like special occasions, people, and places.

For example, you need to buy a gift for a guy who is into sports. First up, you have tons of clothing merchandise to choose from. Shirts bearing their favorite sports team’s name are a classic. Signed photo cards are also a go-to gift for collectors.

If you like something more techie and modern, digital photo card collectibles are a thing now. Look up non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and you will find tons of sports-related tokens. These tokens can get really expensive, so take note of that. Also, if you are going the NFT route, make sure the guy receiving your gift has knowledge of what these tokens are.

As for usefulness, you can pick a gift idea below depending on the guy’s interests and personal needs.

Give Gifts Based on Usefulness

1. For the workaholic

You undoubtedly know one guy in your life who knows nothing else but work. While you can get tempted to give them something that will make them spend less time working, this might not be exactly the best path to take. Instead, you can provide them with something that will help them with their work. As a result, they may be able to free up some much-needed time for rest.

A cord organizer is a simple but beneficial gift to consider. If they are always on-call for meetings and travels, it will help that all their chargers, transfer cables, adapters, and headphones are all in one place.

A digital notebook will be a helpful tool for meetings and brainstorming sessions. There are smart notebooks that can scan any sketches or writings on paper into a digital copy. These modern notebooks can translate your handwriting into digital text in just seconds, perfect for note-taking and file sharing.

If you know that they are looking to improve their skill set, a cheap but helpful gift you can give them is gift cards for an online course.

2. For the gamer

a gamer

The world of gaming has drastically changed over the past year. And now, it’s such a complicated task to get gamers something as a gift. If you are an outsider to this world, you might need a lot of help.

There are tons of cute gifts that relate to gaming that you can find online. Those statements tees and socks that say, “I paused my game to be here,” will make delightful gifts.

If you are looking for something useful, something as simple as a squeeze ball would be a great gift. This cute little thing will help them release tension, especially at the height of gaming emotions.  Eye drops are also something they can use. Gaming for long hours can make their eyes dry.

Any computer gamer will appreciate a rest pad. This is useful for relieving the tension on their forearm for long hours of using a mouse.

3. For the lover of the great outdoors

Outdoor lovers are probably the least difficult people to give a gift to. There is just a ton of things that are dedicated to the enjoyment of nature. Even a super cool portable flashlight would make a great gift.

Cooler backpacks will make any daytime adventure enjoyable. These backpacks are capable of holding cold temperatures for hours. Nothing is like finally resting after hours of hiking with cold, refreshing water.

For people who like exploring off the grid, a perfect gift will benefit both them and you. You can get them a mini satellite communicator that they can use to send text messages and connect to rescue monitoring systems even when they are in a place with no signal reception.

Giving gifts doesn’t have to be stressful if you stick to the basics. Just remember, a gift can be sentimental or valuable or both.

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