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The Habit of Praying: Why You Should Cultivate It in Your Family

Praying is the core of a religious home. It is also one of the best ways to help the family prosper together. When you pray as a family, each member learns to be intimate with God as you stay close with one another.

When your prayers are answered, you feel His love and presence in your life. That reason alone is more than enough to encourage you to introduce family prayer to your children. There is no better time to teach them the importance of prayer than now.

Praying as a Family

It’s sad to think that we now live in an era where cultural attacks on biblical values happen daily. In addition, technology, lack of faith, and busy schedules also make it hard to nurture our children’s faith. That said, we must take the necessary actions to divert our family’s focus to the Lord. The best way to do this is to pray together as a family.

Here are the benefits you’ll get with family prayers.

Release Your Deepest Pain

Praying is like a free platform where every family member can voice out what’s hurting them. It gives them a chance to release the negative things inside them, allowing them to have a voice. When your voice and emotions are heard, they become validated. And when you surrender these pains inside you to God, you are already on your way to healing.

Furthermore, praying together as a family gives everyone the chance to forgive others and themselves, which is a fundamental matter to teach children. By inviting them to join your daily prayer, you are teaching them that they can talk to God about the things that are hurting them and that letting these adverse feelings go can genuinely happen through prayers.

Strengthen Communication With God and Family

Good communication is critical in all relationships, and prayer is the only way to communicate with God. Prayers help us stay vulnerable in front of our loved ones and God. When this happens, we can have more authentic and deeper relationships with them. No one will judge you. You can voice out everything you need to say to unburden your heart.

Create a habit for the family. Instead of praying right away like you used to, take some time to talk to one another. Maybe you can arrange a meeting in the common area where everyone can sit and talk about their struggles at work or school. For instance, if you have an interview the next day with an interior design company and you’re nervous about it, tell your family. They can give you tips and include you in their prayers, giving you more courage to get one step closer to your dream job.

Emotional and Spiritual Healing

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As adults, we encounter several challenges almost every day in our lives. But bear in mind that kids can face struggles too. Many children do not have an outlet to share what’s hurting or bothering them. So if you do not implement family prayers, they will most likely not have anyone to talk to, especially since most of them do not feel comfortable opening up with their parents.

Prayer heals. Even scientific studies show that people who pray regularly are physically and emotionally healthy than people who don’t. Teach your child to pray, so they can voice out what is hurting them, encourage them to be honest, and pour their hearts out whenever they talk to God. This is also helpful to encourage them to be more open about their pain. Who knows, sooner or later, they will start opening up with you too.

Protect Your Family

When you pray with your family, don’t forget to ask God’s protection for your spouse, children, parents, and extended family. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your kids know the importance of prayers and asking for His guidance. Teaching this to kids is particularly important because they are way too vulnerable and fragile at their age, and these things have a significant impact on how they make choices in their lives that shape their future.

Strengthen the Relationship

One of the many things that hold a family together is their strong relationship. This relationship can further be strengthened by praying together as it provides a deliberate time to connect. But this isn’t just about connecting. By putting God at the center of your relationship, you learn to care more about each other in the most meaningful way.

Lastly, a family that prays together can be an unbreakable power of the family. They understand that God will always be the answer to every impossible situation and that they can surpass any struggles in life as long as they strengthen their faith and pray together as a family.

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