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The Manliness of Car Care: Why It Makes Men Manly

Men pride themselves on some of their belongings. It may be a prized collection or the latest gadget. But, there is something different about how a man completes house chores. It may be a mystery for people to see how men and some chores seem to fit like a glove. Men spend a great deal of their savings to personalize their cars or to buy some accessories, but also to buy tools and equipment they use around the house.

They could even go the extra mile to take care of the yard, but most often hire professional providers of snow removal services in the winter or hire some neighbor to mow the lawn in winter. But the thing that makes men more manly is taking care of their car. One may ask, why does a man establish such an intimate bond with his car? Here is the psychology behind the connection.

Cars Help Men with their Self-Esteem

Owning a car is an important milestone in a man’s life. Holding a car key is like a rite of passage for most men. It shows that they have transitioned from a boy to a man. Having their cars serve as a status symbol for most of them.

They feel good when people see them behind the wheel and tell others that they own the vehicle. Cars symbolize power for men. The higher the price or, the newer the model of the car, the more it makes a man feel good about themselves. This is the reason why some men do not stop owning only one car.

Cars Give Men a Sense of Being in Charge

Whenever you see a couple or a family inside a car, you expect to see a man driving. Taking hold of the wheel asserts their masculinity. They feel that they are the ones in charge when they drive. They can slow down or speed up to their liking. Taking a different route or finding a new destination is in their hands.

This is why some couples start an argument when women try to take charge while in the passenger seat. Men do not like for their passengers to tell them what to do. They want to feel in control of the whole situation.

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Cars Serve as Small Territories

It is not a secret that a home is a woman’s domain. Whatever big decisions about how a home should look fall on a woman’s preferences. That is why some men feel a little out of place sometimes when a house is more feminine in appearance.

Having a car for men means they have a small territory where they can do as they wish. The automotive industry understands this mindset. Thus, they offer a plethora of car accessories and gadgets that do appeal to a man. Some examples are car seat cushions, steering wheel covers, and interior LED lights. A man’s car for him is his kingdom. He can stamp his personality all over it. He takes pride when people see how his vehicle stands out from others.

Cars Help Men to Relax

Men are not as vocal as the opposite gender. Only a few of them could put into words what bothers them at a particular time. Thus, they need an avenue to release the stress inside them.

For a man, driving answers the need to be alone without people close to him worrying or judging. When a guy wants to be in solitude with his thoughts, it would not be unusual for him to pick his car keys and go for a drive. This would elicit a different reaction when he mentions another activity. People might find it weird if he says that he would spend some time on a solo camping trip or a sailing trip.

Cars Make Men Feel More Attractive

Though this reason may feel and sound superficial, it still holds great truth up to the present. But, it may not be as shallow as most people perceive it to be. Studies show that women feel attracted not to a man driving per se. Rather, there is a positive physiological reaction among women to the sound of a car’s engines.

Aside from this primal response, owning a car also equates to power and wealth. These attributes are attractive to women. It is worthy to mention too, that having a car can widen the scope of date destinations. Thus, there is more than one reason why a man with a car can seem a good catch for a woman.

The reasons above shed some light on why men feel a great connection with the car. It is more than a physical possession for them. A car symbolizes many things for them. Owning a car helps their psychological state in many ways.

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