The Workplace Can Be the Best Place for Men to Lose Weight and Build Muscles

In the past couple of years, we have seen the shift in men’s preferences—from drinking until the wee hours of the morning in some pub to chugging down a glass of whey protein and spending all their extra time in the gym. Millennial men, in particular, have been spending more time taking care of themselves than the generation before them. But is this true for those in sedentary jobs?

Research showed that more than 80% of adults do not meet the requirement for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities. This means they are in sedentary jobs, have no physical activity, and are inactive even around the house. Fortunately, those in the commercial construction industry do better in maintaining the right weight and building muscles. Of course, this comes with a warning that workers in this industry must practice safety protocols to prevent accidents.

But since not everyone can be in an industry that’s as physically demanding as a construction site, what are the other ways for men to lose weight while at work? Can the workplace be beneficial for people who are trying to keep in shape? What can men in sedentary jobs do?

Be Goal-oriented

Whether you have five or three days a week to go to the gym, the important thing is to have a clear set of goals. What are you trying to achieve? If you want to lose weight or maintain your physique while being in a hectic work environment, you should start incorporating your exercise routine into your everyday life. You can walk to work or jog to work (provided there’s a shower there so you can change to clean clothes). Instead of taking the bus or driving your car, walking can give you that much-needed physical activity every day.

Ask for Time

Labor laws demand that you should have adequate rest every week. If you feel like you’re constantly in the office even during weekends, talk to your boss. Make sure you get at least a day off every week. Manage your time better. Make it a point to leave the office when it’s time to go. Create a schedule that will allow you to go to the gym.

Get Creative

That sedentary job of yours doesn’t have to stop you from achieving a healthier lifestyle. You can get a workout even while working. There are plenty of exercises you can do while sitting down in front of your desk. Not only will these improve your physical health, but it will also boost your productivity and morale.

Eat a Balanced Diet

a balanced diet

Fruits and vegetables will fill you up quickly. It will provide plenty of fiber, but they have fewer calories. Bring bags of almonds with you on your desk. You can snack on these in between meals. That will fill you up, so you won’t crave starchy and sugary food later on.

Stick to your goals. Even if it’s hard to get an hour or two of exercise a week, find time for it. A sedentary job doesn’t have to stop you from having a healthy lifestyle.

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