Things that Seem Harmless When Driving But are Actually Dangerous

Driving can become such a normal part of people’s lives. It becomes so normal that people become lenient because they have done it every day without harm. Unfortunately, this does not change the fact that driving can be extremely dangerous.

Drivers face several dangers, whether it is coming from them or from other drivers. Self-imposed dangers can be texting while driving, drunk driving, and over speeding. The unpredictable factors and dangers come from other drivers because you will never know what or when you will need to face them. Other drivers can be inexperienced, being reckless, or doing one of the self-imposed dangers.

Aside from these dangers, other things that may seem harmless while driving might actually put you in peril. These are things like a broken windshield, taillights, putting on headphones, ignoring lights on the dashboard, and not wearing a seat belt.

Man driving car

Broken Windshield

While you’re driving, the wind hitting the car is so much stronger than anyone can expect. This is a classic case of a person feeling the calmness while everywhere else outside their bubble is experiencing a disaster.

This is why the windshield should always be in pristine condition. The moment the windshield is broken, immediately getting mobile windshield replacement can prevent further accidents. Otherwise, the pressure coming from the wind can worsen the cracks on the windshield. Another danger would be the slow burn of the worsening. The people in the car may not notice how the cracks are getting bigger. In worst cases, the glass can burst into the car, injuring the passengers.

Putting on Headphones

Modern technology has made Bluetooth in cars possible to make driving safer. This Bluetooth addition to the car even allows the driver to receive calls while driving, integrated GPS, and other features that make life easier.

Older models, however, still do not have this technology. Drivers who would like to enjoy music should stray away from wearing headphones or earphones. Just like Bluetooth, technology has created these devices to be noise-canceling. This is where the problem comes in.

It is overly critical when there is an ambulance in the area. In this case, certain protocols need to be followed, but this is only prompted when drivers hear the ambulance. With headphones on, the driver would not be able to hear such, and they can get into an accident because they did not stop at the sound of the ambulance. Recognizing this risk, several states have declared this illegal with exceptions.

Wonky Taillights and Signal Lights

Consider thinking about following a car without a taillight while you’re stuck in a fair amount of traffic. You will not know if the car is starting to slow down or going into a stop. If it’s at night, it’s hard to see a car without a taillight.

Following a car that does not know how to use the signal light is — for sure — annoying. Sometimes, you don’t know why it’s stopping in the middle of the road or why it’s interrupting your right of way.

If this were in your case, it could elicit the same reactions to other drivers. Not only are people with defective lights causing harm to themselves, but they are also putting other drivers in peril.

Unlike walking or face-to-face navigation, people can communicate where they want to go or what they are about to do. This is not present with driving. These lights are the only ways drivers can communicate with each other on the road.

Not Wearing a Seat belt

On Zombieland, wearing a seat belt is one of the first few rules introduced to the audience. In the movie, people are trying to escape zombies via car. They were almost there until the driver needed to do a sudden stop. Because they weren’t wearing a seat belt, they ended up dying anyway.

This is not just true in Zombieland. This is the actual consequence of not wearing a seat belt — human or not. Some drivers think it’s only a small detail, or it could be overrated. However, this illustration provided by Zombieland is the kind of accident car manufacturers need you to avoid. Yes, the car beeping incessantly is nagging you to put on your seat belt for a reason.

It’s easy to let one’s guard down when getting used to something. Certain dangers may not be apparent at the moment, but nobody knows when they will arise. When they do, they could get to you at the time you least expect it. These accidents are totally avoidable. Exercising a little extra care and going back to the basics will help avoid these problems.

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