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Essential Tips for Men’s Self-care

Self-care is the act of taking the time to focus on yourself and allocate certain parts of your day to reach goals with improving your mental and physical health.

It has always been practiced and focused on women.  Men often do not take care of themselves because maybe they lack the knowledge on where to start. It could also be due to their impatience and thinking that self-care would take too much of their time.

These past few months might be the most stressful and difficult time for some people’s lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hence why it’s a must to make efforts in taking extra care of yourselves.

A lot of men put their health and well-being at the bottom of their priorities. For example, 65% of men avoid visiting the doctor as long as possible and only go if it’s a serious illness. Men are also the least likely to reach out when it comes to their mental health.

How to Start Self-Care

Starting a self-care regime cannot be done overnight. It is a process best pursued one at a time so that you will be able to incorporate them better. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Improve Your Sleep

Getting enough sleep is a key factor in achieving self-care. Get used to turning off your mobile devices two hours before bed. Reset your sleeping pattern by scheduling a specific time to wake up every morning. Set an alarm every day and face the consequences if you stay up too late at night.

You can also upgrade your sheets and invest in silk, cotton, or linen to get that comfortable and peaceful sleep. You can use a noise machine to help you rest deeper and feel better when you wake up in the morning.

Invest in Skincare Products

If your bathroom morning routine is a disposable razor and a bar of soap when you wash your face, it’s time to upgrade your skincare routine. Taking care of the skin should be as important as getting a haircut. The days of gender stereotypes like men being less masculine when getting facials and treatments are starting to fade away.

There are now several skin treatments designed to take care of skin. If you have acne scars and stretch marks, you can contact aesthetic centers like Alma for treatments that can fix your needs. You can check their treatments at

Do Physical Activities

It is important to head to the gym and work out at least 3 to 4 times a week to stay physically fit. If you’re still hesitant to go out in public, fearing that you might get in contact with the virus, there are at-home workouts that will deliver the same results as a gym would.

Working out releases endorphins that can help elevate our mood. If you spend most of the day working and bent over your computer, get up and do a quick cardio workout, or you can stretch if you lack the energy.

Physical activity is not only limited to the gym but can be as simple as getting out of the house to take a stroll or a quick jog around your neighborhood, or it can even be going out of town to take a hike. Soaking up in Vitamin D is essential to men’s self-care.

Start a Journal

Men’s self-care isn’t just about staying fed and grooming themselves physically. It’s also about giving them time for personal growth. There is so much you can do to reset your mind if you are suffering from stress and work anxiety.

Write a journal if you’re looking for opportunities to vent your thoughts by using a journal. You can do this on your phone, computers, or maybe the old way using pen and paper. Use it as a tool to reflect on yourself and figure out what you can do to lessen your stress and anxiety.

Meet Up with Friends

If you have been stuck in quarantine for weeks, plan a meet-up with your friends. Although most places are still closed or have limited capacity due to COVID-19, you can host a small get-together at your place or choose a bar or restaurant that has safety practices for the pandemic.

You can take this opportunity to bond with your friends, catch up, and tell them how you have been feeling. Go for real conversations instead of just “hanging out.” It may be a struggle to talk about your emotions, but if you feel stressed or overworked, it is best to share it with someone you are close with.

Start Eating Healthy

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A big mistake when changing your diet is deciding to go all in, getting rid of unhealthy food, and diving heads first two eating food that you’re not used to. The important way to successfully change your diet is to have small and gradual steps.

Take some days to research recipes and include ingredients that you’ll love. Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean torture. You can enjoy healthy and well-balanced meals while also consuming sweets, chips, pizza, and other things you might have been used to eating. Balance is the key to having a good diet.

Men’s care is essential, and it’s about time you start taking care of your well-being. Take a week or two to plan out healthy self-care tips listed here and figure out how you’ll be able to include them in your daily routine.


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