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When You’re Tired of Starting Over with Weight Loss

Are you one of those who swore they would lose weight and never gain it back, and even after succeeding, went back to square one? Here is how you don’t have to be bogged down by failure and, instead, get back to your ultimate goal:

A Sustainable Plan

If you have had several attempts to lose weight, you should know by now what it has to do with your inability to keep up with the diet. Maybe there were times when you had no issues with it, and you succeeded. But when you reached a weight that wasn’t your target but somehow satisfied you, it was easy for you to break out of the regimen.

Why is that so? Chances are, you jam-packed your plan with your unrealistic ideals, with the food you know you won’t enjoy because they are blandly seasoned or repetitive. If you are used to giving yourself that guilty pleasure of a double cheeseburger or strawberry milkshake once a month, you know that it’s challenging to jump into a salad of chicken breast and fresh veggie the days after that.

Anyone aware of the health risks of fast food would consider cutting it off of their diet. If you are one of those, there is nothing wrong with that. But you can only safely proceed by taking baby steps.

For any weight loss plan to be sustainable, one should keep in mind that motivation wanes, especially if they set unrealistic goals like quitting junk food or losing a certain number of pounds right away. A sustainable weight loss plan keeps your mental well-being on top.

If you do not enjoy your food, starve yourself because it’s past your mealtime, or deprive yourself of that snack you crave, you are torturing yourself. Sure, you can be proactive in sticking to a healthy diet by stashing your fridge and cupboards with real food. But don’t be rigid as to refuse a dinner out or a movie night with friends where there will be deep-fried or processed food.

The same goes for working out. There will be days you have to miss out because you have a commitment or are not in the mood to exercise. Be more forgiving of yourself if you miss these sessions.

The key to losing weight and maintaining it is remembering you do this to become healthier. It isn’t just about looking good in any outfit; it’s also about leading a lifestyle that you can be proud of. This way, you know you can radiate positive energy because you take care of yourself.

A Separate Weight Loss Journey

It isn’t easy to keep your personal, social, and professional life worries from bleeding into your weight loss journey. It takes mental conditioning. Remind yourself that your ability to achieve your weight loss goals should not be affected by distractions like an issue you encountered at work, an argument with a friend, or even your mental struggles.

Instead, make exercising and eating healthy as productive ways you would rather deal with stress. Think of it as something you have to do to emerge from a mental rut. Also, think of it as doing yourself a favor or a big part of self-improvement so that you can deal with other aspects of your life.

Your Social Circle Matters a Lot

It is common to have at least one member in your circle who is toxic. They will pretend to complain about their physical insecurities, like their weight, to fish for compliments and perhaps make you feel bad about yourself. There is also the worse type who would call you out for your weight even though they know how much you work on it.

While you cannot altogether avoid them, you can choose to whom you spend your energy and with whom you would rather spend time. Aside from being in the company of empowering individuals, you can also keep in touch with a health and wellness coach who can advise you about your wellness plan. These are the types of people who will celebrate your smallest wins with you rather than bring you down.

Quit Social Media

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In a nutshell, social media breeds envy of superstars or influencers portraying so-called ideal lives, having ripped bodies with minimal effort, and flaunting their wealth. If you can, keep yourself from checking your phone every so often, or you will only endlessly scroll through heaps of food, fashion, and luxury fads. You will end up not making progress for yourself, whether it be for work or losing weight.

You might fail to lose weight many times, but never beat yourself up for it. In your weight loss journey, get to know your body more. In turn, give it the food it needs and perform the movements to keep it in its best shape.

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