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Traits of a Dominant Man That Attracts Most Women

Let’s get one thing straight, there are two basic types of men: dominant and submissive. By definition, a dominant man takes control of himself and his environment. On the other hand, a submissive man is always willing to conform to everything, regardless of the discomfort it causes him. In most cases, dominant men win, and the submissive ones lose.

In this article, we will talk about the positive traits of a dominant man and what makes these traits attractive to ladies.

What is a Dominant Behavior?

If you search for the characteristics of a dominant male, you will most likely find a variety of attitudes regarding what male dominance looks like. Let’s try to understand its nature. Dominant behavior doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is a leader or someone to praise.

Dominance is typically a process used by some men to accomplish a goal. Positive dominance aims to do as much good in the end and use it as a tool to achieve his aspirations. And since many women prefer dominant men over submissive ones, it’s crucial to identify the positive signs of dominance and how they can impact your overall character as a man.

Discipline and Self Control

A dominant man does not let his passion or appetite dictate his decisions. He exhibits self-discipline to take over his body and its urges because he knows that self-control is vital to his happiness and success.

Due to this, dominant men are often physically strong and fitter than someone who just claims to be dominant but doesn’t really possess self-discipline. When a dominant man gets involved with something, it always happens with mindful control.

He Understands the Power of Body Language

Often, a dominant man understands how body language can impact other people’s feelings. And so, he uses this power to make them feel at ease or appreciated. Here are the common body languages of a dominant man:

  • Confident posture
  • A genuine and calm smile
  • A respectful and firm handshake
  • Exhibits confident stride but not in a swagger way
  • Observant yet unworried glance whenever he enters a room

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He Knows That He Needs to Improve

A dominant man may be confident, but he understands that he is a work in progress. He knows that there are things he needs to figure out and that he needs to improve himself day by day. If he thinks he needs to improve his physical strength, he goes to the gym to work out. Sure weightlifting will not make him as strong as a rigging block, but he ensures that he performs way better than he did the last time.

He knows he is not perfect, and he is not even trying to be. After all, he doesn’t expect other people to be perfect. But despite that, he sets high expectations for himself and works hard to achieve them.

Moreover, he doesn’t waste time comparing himself with other men. He understands that people are doing their best to be the best version of themselves and have different momentum in meeting their goals.

He Does Not Keep Complaining

One of the most admirable characteristics of a dominant man is that he doesn’t waste his energy complaining. When he fails, he gets back up. And instead of wasting his time and energy making excuses for his failure, he immediately thinks of ways to overcome the obstacle and win over it.

A dominant man knows when it’s time to give up or keep working hard for the same goal. Mistakes do not discourage him. They even motivate him to keep pushing forward and use them as lessons towards working on his dreams. Furthermore, he expects nothing less of his partner. He doesn’t like people who whine about failure and give up so easily.

He Knows What He Wants And He Gets Them

Another commendable trait of a dominant man is that he has goals, and he takes action to get one step closer to his dreams every day. When he wants something, he creates a plan to achieve what he desires.

In addition, he can identify people who can help him grow as an individual. However, he does not take advantage of others for his benefit. He will always find a way to repay a person’s kindness or pay it forward. For him, showing gratitude is one of the best traits of a man.

If you are in the process of making yourself a dominant man, these are the traits you need to work on. Remember, being dominant and self-centered are two different things. Ladies despise men who think so highly of themselves but don’t have anything valuable to offer on the table. Be the kind of man who is respectful, goal-oriented, and hardworking because those are the exceptional traits of a dominant man.

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