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Nine Ideas to Transform Your Garage into a Man Cave

Man caves are places where men can break free of the shackles of society and live out their true primal desires. You might believe that this is an unacceptable state of affairs, and it’s high time you need to do something about it.

The question is, where will you set it up? Here’s an idea for you: the garage, if you have another space for your vehicle.

With this simple guide, you too can transform your garage into a man cave if that’s what takes your fancy:

1. Start with a Plan

A man cave should be well designed. Even though no one else will see it, you will. Think about the design of your man cave. It should be clean and bold. It needs to fit everything you want, whether a pool table or a bar.

You also need to consider the door. Sure, you can pass through the house. But you can also install garage roller doors if you want to go straight from the parking area to your cave.

2. Get Some Paint

The first thing that has to happen is painting. This is the basis of all good design, so make sure you get to it and do a good job. Don’t half-ass the painting and try to get away with crappy paintwork. There’s no room for shoddy! The right colors will set the tone for your man cave, so make sure you choose carefully.

3. Add Options for Relaxation

A man cave isn’t the same as a living room, but it needs to be comfortable and relaxing. You’ll spend time here. Make sure that it’s got great lighting, and consider installing hidden speakers to play your favorite tunes. Think about adding a mini-fridge, too—you never know when you might need one!

Many men build man caves for entertainment. Without it, they’re not man caves at all. You’ll need to install your choice of gaming equipment. You can go with pool or darts or install rows of TVs for watching sports.

Add some pinball machines and arcade cabinets, maybe even an Xbox. Everyone knows that the best games console is an arcade cab. Think about what you like to do in your spare time and make sure that’s adequately represented!

4. Let There Be Light

The lighting in your man cave needs to be bold and powerful. If it’s not, then there’s no point even doing this in the first place.

Begin by installing regular strip lighting in a typical grid pattern around the room. Otherwise, consider adding track lighting above the pool table or accent lighting to each corner of the room.

5. Make Some Space

Take some time to clear out any clutter around the garage. It can be easy to leave things in the way when you think they might come in sound, but this is not the time for that kind of thinking! Make room for everything. Nothing should be off-limits.

6. Add Some Chairs

Many people like to chill out after a hard day’s work, so make sure you get some comfy chairs in your man cave. Ensure they are high-quality leather or faux leather to match the rest of the design. You want people to relax and feel comfortable, so the furniture must fit together nicely.

7. Coffee Table Time

Speaking of chilling out, what can go on a coffee table? It helps ensure that the items on the coffee table flow with the rest of the design. So no fussy knickknacks. This is about pure masculine power! Keep it simple and efficient by placing your manly metal mugs there instead. You can engrave each one with your chosen totem animals.

8. Add Some Shelving

man bolting a frame for shelving in a garage

Keeping with simplicity, you can’t go wrong with some shelving. Depending on your plans, you can paint or cover this up, but make sure you have somewhere for all your trophies, equipment, and spare parts! This is where you show off what a male specimen of a human being you are!

9. The Finishing Touches

Now all you have left is add some finishing touches like plants and memorabilia. Don’t go too over the top with this stuff. Otherwise, it’ll make your place look less badass!

You’re done! Now you’ve got a man cave to die for. All that’s left is to sit back, relax with your mates, and smoke some fine cigars and drink fine whiskey or other manly beverages. You can be sure that this is a place where men will come, and you’ll never again have to share space with others.

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