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Unplugged in Winter: 3 Fun Activities

Winter break is an excellent opportunity to disconnect from technology and have fun outdoors. Taking a break from your computer and mobile devices can be beneficial. Unplugging from technology, for starters, can enhance your creativity and improve your attention span. So why not use this time to explore the outdoors with these three winter activities.

1. Go Downhill Skiing

Skiing is invigorating, which makes it an incredible workout. It improves your blood circulation and heart rate, and rejuvenates arteries. A report on Time deems the favorite winter activity as a mix of endurance and resistance training, as well as interval training.

Even better, this bracing form of workout can help you meet new people or allow you to bond with loved ones. You can head to a ski resort with the family or on your own.

But whether you prefer an adventurous turn on the mountain or a leisurely glide down the slopes, you’ll need proper gear. A storm jacket from Descente over layered pieces and ski pants from Obermeyer will keep you protected and comfortable as the temperature drops.

You can also prepare for your ski trip by keeping fit before you head to the mountains. Doing yoga prior to skiing helps you improve your balance, flexibility, and focus. These qualities can improve your ski techniques.

2. Go Skate on Ice

If skiing isn’t your style, try ice skating. It might not be as physically demanding as skiing, but you’ll still need ability to maintain equilibrium. You’ll also need control and awareness of your body. You’re not trying out for the Olympics or the Ice Capades, certainly not. Still, some level of physical skill would help you enjoy the activity better, if not avoid falling on flat on your back on the arctic rink. Getting around on an icy floor on razor sharp thin skates isn’t easy.

If you’re new to the activity and want to do well, you can work with a coach. You can learn proper ice skating techniques that will help you stay safe on the rink. And since ice skating is also an aesthetic form of activity, proper technique will allow you to beautifully execute any trick.

Learning new skills is a rewarding thing to do while you’re taking a break. It actually helps you grow your mind to be stronger, which can benefit you when you resume to your normal lifestyle.

When you ice skate for the first time, expect to experience sore muscles. This is normal for beginners, but your muscles will eventually get stronger and the pain will recede.

3. Learn Winter Survival Skills

Photo of people skiing from afarIf you love to learn, why not add survival skills to your credentials? Survival skills will not only help you stay alive in difficult situations. It can also help you save others in an emergency. Winter is especially difficult with freezing temperatures leading to cold shock, hypothermia, and cold incapacitation.

What should you learn? Know how to build shelter from nature; build yourself a shelter and you can shield yourself against the elements. Consider building your shelter below treeline for a higher chance of survival. The trees can protect you from the wind and can be a source of fuel for making a fire.

Next, know how to start a fire faster and without matches. When you’re in the wilderness, you need to learn how to work with what’s around. And the faster you do it, the better you’ll survive. The fire your build will not only keep you warm, it’ll also cook your food and serve as a signal if you happen to be stranded.

Despite the low temperature and snow, winter offers a variety of ways to have fun outdoors. Your life should not revolve around technology. Learn to unplug even for a short period.

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