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Upgrading Your Food Venture amid the Pandemic

We have been dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic since the first half of 2020, and it has affected many businesses, including food ventures. Although it may begin to feel like things are going back to “normal” again soon, the restaurant industry’s functions and processes have been greatly affected by the situation.

Having a business has been difficult due to the global health crisis. Many restaurants have closed down because of complicated circumstances. Having only allowed about 50% customer capacity in-store, restaurants and small food businesses have needed to find creative ways to adapt to the current challenges.

For any business, adaptability and flexibility are important aspects to move forward and upwards as a company. A business owner should know or at least try to learn how to have this most important skill in sustaining a business. During this global pandemic, what are the ways that you can do to allow your restaurant to adapt?

Al Fresco for Your Resto

Proper ventilation is an important aspect of staying safe from the COVID-19 virus. According to WHO, ventilation is the intentional way of introducing fresh air in a space to maintain the air quality in said space. This is known to be an important factor in preventing the spread of the virus while staying indoors. What can you do to improve your restaurant’s ventilation?

If you have outdoor chairs and tables, why not re-introduce to your customers your alfresco feature? Consider using the services of a commercial awning company in your establishment to allow customers to dine outside no matter the weather. Choosing the right awning for your restaurant will encourage your customers to dine at your place while staying safe and breathing fresh air straight from the outdoors. They can also engage in people-watching as they escape from the isolation of their homes.

Another thing you need to consider in your restaurant apart from having al fresco dining is your HVAC maintenance. Ensure your ventilation technology is efficient and running properly to keep stale air away from your restaurant premises.

Apart from those mentioned, you should also ensure that exhaust fans in your restrooms are fully functional throughout the course of your business hours.

These are some ways how your restaurant can physically adapt to the changing environment. What about the financial side of your business? Have your finances been healthy during this pandemic?

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Taking Care of Restaurant Finances

Managing your finances during this difficult time means being creative about your food business venture. When all is said and done, it all boils down to offering good service to the people, providing them with sustenance and comfort.

As a food business owner, you need to be creative in coming up with new revenue streams. From adding meal kits to charging fees for virtual cooking classes, there are many ways that you can adapt to the changing times. You need to expand your horizon and get things done according to people’s needs.

In line with this, you should invest enough for upgraded technology for today and beyond. Simultaneously, the restaurant industry’s adapting to the new environment also means customer changes in consumption. Invest in good service now during the pandemic and carry it over even after everything has gone back to “normal.” Customers have adapted to new ways of consuming, so as a restaurant owner, you should adapt to their lifestyle. This will be beneficial to your restaurant’s financial health in the long run.

Your investments for your restaurant’s success trickle down to the quality of your customer service. In the same manner, your customer service is determined by the quality of management you provide to your employees.

Employee Management for Quality Customer Service

Given the complexity of our current situation, as a business owner, you should be hands-on in managing your employees and their health. Failing to manage this properly may result in the spread of the virus from your restaurant to the rest of your community and beyond.

Manage your employees’ health by having COVID-19 protocols if one of them experiences symptoms of the virus or gets infected. Instruct sick employees to follow COVID-19 protocols for when they experience symptoms of the virus. Inform the rest of the employees of their possible exposure to the virus while keeping the infected person’s identity confidential.

Maintain personal hygiene protocols for the employees. Require your employees to wash their hands frequently and clean surfaces often. Avoid touching the face as much as possible. Your restaurant should also follow the four key steps to food safety: always clean, separate, cook, and chill.

Always follow COVID-19 protocols, especially if you are in the food business. You have the responsibility to keep your employees and customers safe while inside your premises.

These are difficult times for restaurant owners and small food business owners alike. Nevertheless, creativity is the key to innovation and adaptability during this time.

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