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What Are the Responsibilities of a Good Property Manager?

The work of a good property manager is very important. Even if not managing residential properties, the property manager can largely affect the environment of a place and make it a successful community. If you are thinking of becoming a commercial property manager in Salt Lake City, these are some responsibilities that you have to be ready to undertake:

Finding the right businesses to rent out to

As a commercial property manager, your job is to find the right valuation for your property. You will have to survey other properties on the market and find the correct price to list your property at. You will have to find the right businesses to attract to your property. Renting it out to just any company will turn off potentially great and profitable companies from considering your property.

Ensuring the safety and security of your property

If you are in charge of managing a property where hundreds of people come to work every day, it is a big responsibility to handle the safety and security of the building. You will be in charge of contracting security companies and ensuring that security systems are in working condition and that everyone is trained to deal with emergencies.

Carrying out maintenance checks and fixes

Problems and maintenance issues are always arising in large, commercial properties. You will have to make sure that workflow does not get hampered by taking care of potential maintenance issues preemptively. Any disruption to work will be expensive. Maintenance issues will have to be fixed as soon as they arise, and you will need to establish good working relationships with contractors and repair companies for this.

Communicating regularly with property owners

property manager handing the model house and writing on a contract

It is also part of your job to communicate with the property owners about the goings-on in the property. You will have to check in daily and send official reports monthly for record-keeping. You must report any problems or issues to the property manager as soon as possible.

Handling finances and other regulatory aspects

As a property manager, you will be in charge of all the financial details such as setting a rent, collecting rent, and settling on the terms of the lease. You will have to be well-versed in commercial renting laws to make sure that you have not violated tenant rights or have had tenants break the contracts of renting.

Doing the hard work

Most importantly, the property manager needs to be a strong, assertive leader. They will inevitably have to end up doing the dirty work that no one else wants to do. You have to address problems such as tenants failing to pay rent. You will have to deal with bad tenants and come out of it as the winner.

The work of a property manager is no small deal. To succeed, you need to have a wide range of skills such as intuition, practical knowledge, good communication, and organizational skills. However, those that are good at their job find it to be a highly rewarding role.

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