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What Emergency Items Should You Have in Your Wedding Kit?

You will never know when emergencies would strike. Unfortunately, things can get awry even during your wedding day, which is the most important day of your life. You would want everything to be perfect and for things to go smoothly, but with nervousness going through your veins, things can easily go south.

This is the reason why below, we will discuss what you must have in your wedding day emergency kit. This will help make your wedding day event management a lot easier and successful.

Safety Pins

You will never know when a button or two would pop off, which is why it would be wise to stock up on safety pins before you walk down the aisle! This can also fix wedding gown mishaps easily, which is extremely common. You would never want to stop walking down the aisle just because of a wardrobe malfunction, would you?

White Chalk

Stains can easily get in the way, especially during the reception. Always have a piece (or two) of white chalk ready, as this can easily fix any stain or mishap on your white wedding gown.


This is especially important if you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, such as in a farm or barn. You and your guests would most likely want to take off your shoes during the reception, so go ahead and bring a pair of tweezers in case of splinters. This is also great for those stubborn eyebrow hair!

Oil Blotting Papers

Facial blotting papers are a girl’s best friend. If you are the type who has oily skin, then you would want to stock up on your facial oil blotters before the wedding day. You would never want to look all shiny and oily on your wedding photos, right? Your groom would benefit from these, too!

Cotton Buds

Having a bit of a problem with your eyeliner or mascara smudging under your eyes? There is nothing a piece of good old cotton swab cannot do! Store a piece or two of cotton swabs in your kit and never worry about your eyeliner or mascara smudging again. Another tip: Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara during your big day so even if you tear up, your makeup would not smudge!

Hem Tape and Double-Sided Fashion Tape

Like safety pins, there is nothing hem tape and double-sided fashion tape cannot do when it comes to wedding gowns and suits. These things can keep stubborn pant cuffs or dress hemlines in place. You never know when a wardrobe malfunction can happen, which is why it is important to have these items in your kit during the big day.

Candy and Gum

Young Girl Chewing Bubble Gum ConceptChewing a piece of gum or popping a candy in your mouth can help with the wedding jitters. Also, you would always want to have fresh breath during the whole wedding and reception, as you would be talking to the guests non-stop. This can also be helpful if you suffer from sudden bouts of low blood sugar.


Medicines, especially antacids and anti-diarrhea medicines, are important to stock up on during your big day. You will never know when an upset stomach could happen, and fast-acting medicines could help get rid of it. Chewable medicines are much better, as you can take these without any type of liquid. These are fast-acting as well.

Pack these things before your actual wedding way and create a checklist so you would not forget anything. Best wishes!

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