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What to Do when Your Air Conditioning Smells like Rotten Egg

Indeed, an air conditioning system is a very convenient tool in a home. Without it, America may have a hard time advancing in its cities in the South, the hotter side of the country in the mid-20th century. And sure enough, when the weather is sweltering hot, air-conditioning helps the biggest cities of the country go up and running.

Having a functional AC is, therefore, paramount. Fortunately, when something goes wrong with our air conditioners, the miniature freezer gives clear signs – just like the human body does when it gets sick. Top of the list is when it sends the house into a frenzy with foul odors. Pungent smells that smell of rotten eggs could be serious. Long story short, you may have to turn off the AC right away and get professional help. Below are key takeaways to help you deal with that and other smelly AC issues squarely, and fast.

A Moldy Smell: A Pandora’s Box

The accumulation of molds inside the air conditioning system is a common occurrence. And it produces a moldy or mildew-like smell. This is because of the condensation within the house whenever we turn on our AC system. And if it does not drain properly, it escapes and goes into the ducts which in turn causes molds.

Worse, this could be a sign that the home you’re living in has molds all over the place. In a sense, it’s like opening Pandora’s box.

Know that molds are a sneaky problem. While you may not see it as a small issue, mold spores can cause very serious health risks such as respiratory issues. And children are more prone to these risks. A survey shows that 40% of children are affected by indoor air pollutants. It can cause asthma to your children.

Of course, you’d have to turn your house upside down to get to these molds. But your efforts could fall short. Not only can molds produce tens of thousands of spores at all times in the air, but molds can attach themselves to just about anything, from your clothes to hard-to-reach crawlspaces.

If you want to be as thorough as possible, getting the help of a mold removal professional is wise. Experienced, these experts know just where to look. And complete with all the advanced tools, they can restore your house to normal in no time, those of your AC including.

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A Burning Stench

There are many electrical components inside your AC unit such as power wires, fans, circuit boards, compressors. If you smell like something is burning, it is most probably because these parts are catching heat.

If so, turn it off immediately—however, a word of warning: Do not open it and attempt to fix it. Unless you’re an HVAC professional yourself, repairing your AC by yourself can be a suicide mission. Yup, you heard that right. DIY AC repair can cause severe injuries.

A Smell Like Rotten Egg in the Air

A foul smell like rotten eggs coming from your AC is usually because of dead rats or critters stuck inside your air conditioning unit. It is a very distinct smell that you cannot mistake other than dead species stuck inside. A running AC can attract insects and even birds, trapping them in the process. And that can disrupt the operation of the system.

As a result, these dead animals emit an unpleasant odor when you turn on your AC. Consequently, this disgusting smell will spread throughout the house. Even worse, such an unfateful even can, damage important components within the ac system.

Getting rid of these dead pests is tricky. Turn off the AC before you do any hunting. And yes, use a flashlight to find it quickly. Clean the area thoroughly and make sure you leave it to dry.

A Gas Smell

A gas-like smell is probably one of the most alarming smells that an AC will emit. Because this will mean that there is a gas leakage inside the air conditioning unit, it is most likely Methyl Mercaptan. Gas distributors and utilities provide an odor for Methyl Mercaptan. That’s because natural gas has no smell.

And if the smell resembles skunk spray, you are not mistaken. This indicates that there is gas leaking through your ductwork. Don’t waste a moment to turn off your gas supply immediately.

A piece of good advice is to let the experts in as soon as possible. What’s important is you and your family stay safe and sound awaiting the best temperature to give you all the comfort you need.

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