Lifestyle Automotives: What Vehicle Fits Yours?

Purchasing a vehicle can be pretty tricky. There are many things we think about when buying one: the price, range, performance, and more. However, lifestyle can arguably play a more significant role when deciding the right vehicle for us. Thankfully, this article will help you determine what vehicle fits your current lifestyle. The cars on this list aren’t luxurious in any way either, so you’ll certainly be able to afford them in no time.

Family Life: 2022 Kia Soul

Vehicles are for family, and it might be the primary reason you want to purchase one. Our family is certainly one of the main reasons why almost every American household owns a car. However, the choice of a family car can be tricky. We want to provide our loved ones the most efficient service, with maximum comfortability and without sacrificing performance.

Let us introduce the 2022 Kia Soul. Kia has always been the go-to brand for cheap and affordable vehicles. But throughout the years, they’ve also been the main choice for resilient SUVs. The Kia Soul showcases what the brand is all about.

The Kia Soul 2022 model puts almost every SUV to shame. With a price point of around $21,000 (MSRP is around $19,000) and generous cargo space for your children’s bags or maybe some extra space for your loved ones, you can never go wrong with this purchase. The conservative fuel economy of 28-33 miles per gallon is also something that you shouldn’t scoff at. That’s savings of almost $500 when compared to other vehicles in its range.

Standard seating is only estimated at five people. However, upgrades can increase that to at least seven or eight more people if you’re willing to sacrifice cargo space. It’s the best vehicle if you’re a family guy, and your loved ones will certainly love you for it.

The Businessman: BMW 330e

Are you the kind of person who always goes on business trips? Do you want to start doing it with style? Maybe you want to impress your investors to get them to sign that next deal? Don’t worry. The BMW 330e has got you covered.

This car is one of the slickest cars in the market. Also, once you see it, you’ll notice how beautiful the 330e is. It looks sophisticated for a car in its price and can easily stand out versus other cars in its price range. It’s also pretty cheap for what it can do, with a price range of around $37,000. It’s also a plug-in hybrid, which means you can use both gasoline and electric power to run it. But don’t expect to run it on pure battery power because it can only run you around 30 miles using it alone.

If you’re trying to reduce your company’s overall carbon footprint, you can never go wrong with this beauty. You’ll undoubtedly be climbing the corporate ladder with this vehicle on your side.

off-road car

The Offroader: Ford Lighting 150

Are you a person who’s looking for adventure? You’ll certainly need a vehicle that fits that kind of lifestyle. If you like nature and going off the beaten path, then the newly released Ford Lightning 150 is for you.

The Ford Lightning 150 is one of the first EV trucks in the market and one that’ll put you in awe. Its 750 horsepower means that you can tow almost anything or climb any mountain. Moreover, the 300 mile-range that comes along with it means that you’ll never use any fuel ever again. This cuts down your costs by a decent chunk, making it an attractive choice if you want to reduce overall fuel costs and greenhouse emissions.

However, what makes Lightning such a fantastic EV truck is its customizability. You can change this vehicle’s look any way you want. Do you want dedicated off-road truck tires for it? Sure, why not? Ford can offer you various sizes that can last for years to come. Are you looking to increase cargo capacity and running efficiency? Then you can upgrade your battery to an improved version. All of this is accessible to you once you get the Ford Lightning 150.

The Environmentalist- Tesla Model 3 Long Range

We all know about climate change and how it’s changing our planet and the way we live. Nowadays, zero-emission is the way to go, and if you’re the environmentalist type, you can never go wrong with the Tesla Model 3.

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the newest models of the brand in the market, and it reduces carbon emissions significantly compared to the models that came before it. Furthermore, the Model 3 also has a much longer range, clocking in at 358 miles when fully charged. This makes it one of the higher range EVs in the market.

So there you have it, a vehicle for every lifestyle. You can’t really deny that we make our vehicle purchases depending on the life we live, so if you’re currently living one of the lifestyles indicated above, then you already have the best vehicle choice for it.

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