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When to Call the Professionals for Refrigerator Repair

The refrigerator is a useful modern convenience that people tend to take it for granted until it breaks down. Make sure your unit is in good condition and know the signs of inefficiency and possible problems before they get out of hand and cost you more.

The refrigerator is one of the most used and abused home appliances. Experts say they should remain functional for at least ten years and up to 20 years. But that will all depend on how well you take care of it.

There is a misconception that as long as the fridge is blowing cold air, it is in running order. But how do you tell everything is smooth? How can you tell you already need to call an expert in appliance repair near your home in Salt Lake City? Well, you have to be more sensitive as to how your unit is functioning. That’s how.

To help you determine the early warning signs of an impending breakdown, take note of the following:

If the Fridge is Leaking Puddles of Water on your Floor

A noticeable amount of water in the area around the fridge is a cause for concern. This could mean the unit’s cooling system is working poorly. You must have it inspected because leaks could mean damage on the rubber sealing, the water supply valve, or the defrost drain.

If the Fridge is Not Maintaining Its Temperature

It is not enough that the refrigerator is blowing cold air. It must be able to maintain a cold temperature that is below 5 degrees Celsius. It will not refrigerate your food as efficiently as it should. You must place a thermometer inside the fridge to check. If the temperature is above that average, you have to lower the ref’s temperature. If doing that does not resolve the problem, you will surely have to call in an expert to repair a serious problem.

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If the Fridge is Making Strange Noises

Refrigerators in good condition function quietly. Noise must concern you because it must be telling you something is not right with your unit. It could be dirty coils, a leaky refrigerant, or a trouble with the motor. So have it checked immediately.

If the Fridge Has a Moldy Smell

Any scent of mold even after you cleaned the refrigerator from the inside and out is a sure sign of concern. An appliance repair specialist must be called in to investigate because this could be caused by mold growing within the walls or elsewhere.

If your Energy Bill is Constantly Rising Amid “Normal” Consumption Habits

If there is a spike in your energy bill even if your use remains the same, you should check your refrigerator in case of irregularities. A fridge that has impending trouble would naturally be working double to keep functioning properly; this often results in a skyrocketing electricity bill.

A fully functional refrigerator is crucial to your household routines. If you do not want to suffer from unnecessary expenses due to food spoilage and most of all, costly repairs and replacements, you will be more sensitive as to how your unit is performing. The telltale signs of malfunction must be singled out early on so a total breakdown may be prevented.

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