6 Tips for a Nicer Smile on Camera

In the age of the Internet and social media, taking photos has now become a big deal! Whether you’re taking a vacation or just chilling at home, we all want that perfect smile to get captured on a photograph. After all, they say that a single smile can change lives. Here are some tips for a more beautiful smile.

Stay natural

Even in the eyes of a camera, you want to portray your true self. There’s no need for complicated tips and tricks on how to get a nice smile that can be captured on a photo. Being yourself is always enough. When smiling for the camera, give a nice, natural smile. Unless you’re posting for a wacky shot, a simple, relaxed smile always does the trick.

Be diligent with your dental hygiene

Photos are not always deceptive. With that said, it’s easy to notice our flaws in pictures — including your smile. The only way to get a photogenic smile is to watch your dental hygiene. That way, you’ll look create both on and off cam. 

Brush your teeth diligently every single day, use a whitening toothpaste, do a little flossing, or maybe get a cosmetic smile makeover in AZ! A good photo sometimes includes a little behind-the-scenes preparation.

Practice your smile

Every person has their own best angle. You just have to find your own. Do you think you look better smiling with or without showing your teeth? How much should you tilt your head to show off your best facial features? These are things you can learn through practice. Stand in front of a mirror, try out different smiles and poses, and find one that works best for you.

Smile with your eyes

When it comes to portraying emotions with your facial features, every part counts. You don’t just smile with your teeth. Your cheeks, mouth, eyebrows, and eyes all do their part in making that selfie perfect. 

When you’re naturally laughing and smiling, you’ll notice that the outer sides of your eyes are crinkled. Try to do the same thing when smiling for the camera. Or better yet, just portray genuine happiness with your facial features, and that joy will reflect on-cam.

Maintain good posture

We’ve all taken a photo or two wherein we reacted with the phrase, “I look fat in that photo.” Everyone’s been there. And before you even start getting conscious about your physique, you might want to check your posture first. Even a skinny person can have photos where they think they look fat. And it’s because of bad posture. 

Standing awkwardly, hunching the shoulders, or abnormally tilting the head are common posture problems we do while taking a photo. The key is to keep your back straight, hold your chin up, relax, and give out a natural smile.


Have you ever had a photo where your jaws looked a little too clench, your shoulders are hunched, and your eyes are open too wide? Well, we have. You might not feel it sometimes, but the slightest expressions can make you look tense in a photo. 
There’s no secret posture or angle to help prevent this. But a simple tip is just to relax. Smile naturally, be yourself, and that will translate well in the photo.

We all want that perfect selfie to post and show to all our friends and followers. With these tips, you can give out a more beautiful smile both on and off cam.

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