Prolonging Your Car’s New Paint Job

Caring for your car goes beyond maintaining the engine and the body. Maintaining a great paint job on your car should also be on your list.

No one wants a dull looking car. Keeping and prolonging the luster on the paint job in your car does the trick.

If you have just sent your car for a long-overdue paint job by professionals using an automotive spray booth to minimize the risk of scratches, you know that your car’s paint and sheen will last for a long time. Follow these tips to keep your car looking great.

Set a regular car wash schedule

Wash your car regularly. This will keep dirt, gritty residue and small debris off your car. Doing this weekly should keep your car clean while driving it regularly.

Stay away from strong detergents that could wash away the coating of the paint job. Instead, opt for an automotive soap and use a foam sponge in applying it in straight, line motions.

When drying your car, use a microfiber towel. Minerals from the water may be left on your car’s surface if you just have it air-dried. Using a microfiber towel removes these minerals.

The right wax should be used

You may think that waxing may be an unnecessary step, but this will put a protective layer on your car. This will shield your car from pollution, dust, water, dirt and other substances. This can also take care of light scratches and cover minor blemishes on your car.

Waxing, however, should not be done as frequently as car washing. BMW says that if rainwater still slides off your car normally, then you can put off the waxing. Some recommend waxing every three months, or twice a year, coinciding with the change of weather: In spring and before winter comes.

It is important to make sure you are using the right wax, so it may be best to ask your mechanic or car paint shop which will be the best match for your car’s surface.

Apply paint conditioner

Car painting

A newly painted vehicle may need an added layer from a paint conditioner. Packages include detailed instructions on how to use it.

Rust-proof your car

When the metal on your car is oxidized, it allows rust to settle and damage the car. This should also give you extra protection against corrosive elements that can accumulate on your car’s surface while driving.

You should also consider the humidity in your area or the salt concentration in the air where you stay. Rust-proofing is more needed in areas with high air concentration and when humidity is high.

Fix small scratches

You should also address small scratches immediately. This will save you from getting a more expensive repaint. You can opt for a touch-up paint for light scratches then apply a rubbing compound for added shine.

If the scratches are deep, however, you may need to sand off the paint around the damage. Put on primer then work on repainting the scratch. If you can, have someone professional do the touch-up. It will still be cheaper than an overall paint job.

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