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6 Ways to Save On Your Water Bill

Making efforts to save on water doesn’t just help your wallet; it also helps protect the environment. Here are some tips to keep your water use minimal.

Update Your Plumbing

Repairing and upgrading your plumbing is usually the best way to guarantee leak prevention. You can get professional emergency plumber here in Orem, where every aspect of the home is changed and swapped for something sturdier.

You can also try switching your toilet for something more modern. New toilets today are specifically configured to use less water when flushing.

Use a Glass When You’re Brushing Your Teeth

This one is something a lot of people miss but is definitely worth doing. It’s a simple job of keeping a glass beside the bathroom sink that you can use to keep the water. Keeping the faucet turned on as you brush your teeth can waste several liters of precious water – especially if you hold true to the three-minute rule of teeth brushing.

If you’re washing your hands, you should also turn off the faucet during soaping. It’s good to invest in a touch-sensitive faucet for this.

Install a Faucet Aerator

A faucet aerator works by creating a more even flow of water while limiting the amount that falls off the faucet. It manages to substantially maintain a steady pressure so that you can save as much as 50% of the water without reducing the quality of results, whether you’re washing your hands, washing dishes or doing anything else.

Water the Plants at Night

If you have a big garden, you might want to water the plants when the sun has already gone down. You can use a timed sprinkler system that operates at night, or you can do the watering manually in the afternoon.

Doing this ensures that the plants absorb all of the water you give them because they’re no longer competing with the sun.

Buckets and a Plastic Dipper

The usual rhyme for saving water is “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” which makes a lot of sense since you might be flushing liters of water every time you pee. If you don’t like the weird color and stench, however, there’s a cheaper alternative.

You can keep a plastic dipper in your bathroom that you can fill with water from the sink faucet. Just use this to pour water onto the toilet. If enough force, the toilet flushes on its own using only the water you poured down.

Reuse Your Liquid

Running water from faucet

Finally, don’t forget that you can reuse some of your wastewater. For example, washing machine water can be repurposed to clean the tub or to wet the plants. You can use the water you used to boil pasta to water the plants.

If you sterilize items by boiling them in water, you can try pouring them hot into the various sinks in your house to unclog the pipes.

Of course, those are just a few of the techniques you can use to save on water. Remember that for this to be effective, everyone in the household should be encouraged to use water wisely.

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