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8 Good but Affordable Gifts for Men

Receiving a gift is an amazing feeling. It’s a mixture of gratitude, appreciation, and surprise. Everyone likes receiving a gift, especially if it’s from good friends.

Giving a gift, however, can be something of an experience. That’s especially true if you’re looking to provide a present for your father, brother, husband, or boyfriend. Do you want to give him something that he’ll like but not use? Or do you want to give him something that he’ll definitely use but can be a let down of a gift? And what about the price? How much should you spend on a gift?

Spend what you can

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Let’s get it out of the way: spend only what you can. There’s no point in going in debt for a gift to loved ones; they probably won’t appreciate that either. It’s always the thought that counts, so why not give an affordable gift that they’ll actually use? Something that they’ll legitimately find everyday use for and remember you for it. Now that’s the perfect gift.

1. A good notebook

Yes, the one made out of paper and not the metal and glass. While giving a notebook as a gift may feel outdated during the time of the touchscreen device, it’s actually thoughtful. If the person you’re giving it to is somewhat of a creative, then chances are they’re always running out of paper to write their ideas on. And if they’re the kind to just type their thoughts and ideas on their laptop or tablet, then a notebook will be something that’ll challenge their daily convention—hopefully squeezing out more of their artistic juices. Now, don’t just get the cheapest notebook you can find. Look for the elegant ones with leather cover. They’re not dirt-cheap, but they’re not impossibly expensive either.

2. Portable dental care set

While having a nice set of dental care equipment isn’t a replacement for a visit to the dentist, it sure does help in keeping your teeth clean. And let’s be honest, most men won’t go out of their way to buy a dental care set because everyone assumes a toothbrush is enough. This is a thoughtful gift, especially for those men who spend more than nine hours in the office or on the road.

3. Their favorite brand of coffee

Who doesn’t like coffee? This is a gift that everyone can appreciate. And if you know their favorite brand of coffee, then you got your work half-done! This is an affordable but effective way of showing that you care for and know the person well enough to get the brand that they like.

4. Mini video game console


If he grew up in the ’90s, then he most probably played home video game consoles. If so, then an interesting gift would be miniaturized versions of the ’90s consoles he played growing up. There are a variety of options to fit the specific hardware he played with. Most mini video game consoles aren’t all that expensive, so this makes for a budget-friendly nostalgic gift.

5. Tumbler

Everyone needs an extra tumbler. Be it for the office, for work, or just for carrying around, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra one. You can even find cute and personalized ones, so you can go all out with tailoring your gift. A tumbler is both an affordable and personalized gift that is sure to give a smile to the receiver.

6. Wireless earphones

If you think wireless earphones have to be expensive to be good, check again. With the wide variety of brands, wireless earphones come in all range of prices and quality. Find a reputable brand that offers quality for the price, and you’ve got a good gift on your hands. And who won’t appreciate wireless earphones? It’s something of a necessity at this point, especially for those who like listening to music.

7. Shaving kit

This is a no-brainer but can often be forgotten because of how simple it is. It’s something that men constantly use and run out of. There’s a wide option for economical shaving kits that come in dignified-looking boxes—almost as if the companies know that shaving kits are a good gift for men.

8. Shoeshine kit

Despite not being commonly given as a gift, shoe shine kits also come in beautiful boxes. But that’s not the only reason this is a good gift; it’s a good gift to someone who often wears leather shoes. Much like shaving kits, shoe shine is constantly used. Giving a gift that they’ll use is sure to be appreciated.

With all these gift ideas, you won’t have to spend hours shopping online or going around malls just to look for the perfect present for an important man in your life.

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