A Businessman’s Guide to Ageing Gracefully

The first impression may not last, but it matters nonetheless. For entrepreneurs, the first basis of someone’s credibility comes from the initial conversation. And by conversation, it pertains to all the elements involved: the voice tone, the underlying confidence (not arrogance), the message behind every statement, and the speaker—meaning, you.

People are visual beings. Their inferences and conclusions are based on observations. Despite the numbers on your record that speak of your capability, people will still look at your physical appearance and allow it to dictate their level of enthusiasm on your business proposal. Numerous studies have shown how a person’s attractiveness is a factor in his or her success. It is safe to assume that people do business with physically presentable individuals. This is why attractive people are hired sooner, paid higher, and promoted faster.

Nowadays, there are many available means to look and dress better. Not doing so seems inexcusable. But what about a factor that you hold no control over, like getting old?

Society is kinder to men than women when it comes to aging. In both ways, age can be used as an advantage. Age means experience. It’s a matter of packaging it well. Presenting yourself gracefully means you survived all experiences with crow’s feet here and there, but you remain unscathed. Here are some pointers for your overall look:

1. Hair

As you get older, your hair thins out. It’s normal. Various solutions are available in the market such as wigs and hair transplant, both of which require maintenance. If you’re busy and needing a more permanent result, you can opt for a scalp micropigmentation (SMP). In Nevada, a clinic customizes the treatment based on the person’s skin tone, hair color, and hairline design. You know what they say, “Hair is the make-up for men.” And if you’re sporting a beard, leave the trimming to the professionals. You’ll see the difference on how your beard can artfully frame your face.

2. Skin

Your skin doesn’t have to be wrinkle-free. Every wrinkle is a memento from your journey through time. Plus, it’s inevitable. What you can do is make your skin look healthy. When you look healthy, you’ll appear younger than you are. First, don’t skip the moisturizer. Flaky skin is not attractive no matter what your age is. Use sunblock to protect yourself from skin cancer and age spots. Don’t be afraid to use tinted moisturizer and sunscreen to even out your skin tone. It will give your skin a nice healthy color– still your skin, only better. At night, incorporate Retinol into your routine to help boost your skin’s collagen production.

3. Clothing

Dress smartly. Don’t be afraid to throw on a blazer on top of your casual outfit of shirt and trousers. You can even don a sports jacket if you want to; you’ll never be too old for it. It’s all about finding the perfect fit. An expensive suit, for instance, can look sloppy if the size is wrong for your body. Make the clothing look tailor-made for you. Do not fear the tighter ones as they can instantly cut down 10 years off your real age. Do not forget to invest in a pair of go-to shoes for various occasions. They can make or break an outfit.

Grooming yourself will give you a level of confidence, similar to an armor. The process is relaxing if you will not look at it as a chore, but a way to take care of yourself. Having new business partners is just a plus.

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