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The Many Types of Skiing for Various Levels

There are different forms of skiing that befit enthusiasts of every level. Thrill-seekers can switch from one type or form depending on what kind of adventure they are looking for. There are also various skiing spots that are best suited for specific skiing adventures.

Here’s a quick look at some of them.


Freestyle skiing is thrilling with heart-stopping tricks, turns, and maneuvers. This is recognized as a competitive sport and skiers go head-to-head in performing tricks, including acro or choreographed routine, aerials, and big air, which involves doing twists and spins in the air.


Even enthusiasts with physical disabilities can have a fun time in the snow with adaptive skiing. This type uses a piece of unique adaptive equipment, which is widely used in Paralympians. Many ski resorts also offer these facilities to cater to the needs of adaptive skiers.


Considered as the most common skiing type, it requires using a ski lift or a chair lift that will take you the starting point of the skiing area. Then, you ski your way down. The thrill of rushing down the mountain while avoiding rocks and trees makes this a favorite among skiing fans.

Some children join their parents in this skiing activity very early on.  It is important to make sure that kids are bundled up and warm. Boys’ ski pants and jackets from Spyder are highly recommended for both warmth and comfort.


Rather than riding to the top, skiers take the higher road of skiing up along the varied terrain on their own power. Cross-country requires more physical effort but it is much cheaper compared to other types because skiers do not have to ride the lifts. Skiers use soft ski boots, with the heel free of the ski. They also use lightweight skis and travel over long distances over hills and natural terrain on their own power.


This is not skiing, but it should be included in the list anyway. In snowboarding, you will stand on one board instead of double skis. It is an exciting way to have fun in the snow, and ski enthusiasts do try this activity for the sheer excitement of it. Most people find this easier to practice compared to skiing because it is simple and straightforward.


This type of skiing means skiing along the side of the mountain on fresh snow. It belongs to the advanced level of skiing. If you do not have the right skills, this can be pretty dangerous. However, with the right lessons, the incredible rush offered by off-piste skiing will surely get you hooked. If you are able to master the intermediate skills, you are good to go.


Family in skiing gear

This is a type of skiing that is related to Alpine skiing since the skiers have to traverse down the mountains. The only difference is these daredevil skiers wear skis that are free of the heel, which offers the skier the maximum flexibility.

Skiing is an exciting activity that requires practice and constant training. Safety is of utmost concern and wearing warm clothing and protective gear will get you far.

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