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A Checklist for Your Weekend Bike Ride

Most people have ridden a bicycle at least once in their life. Some may have made cycling a hobby. Others may have even decided to dedicate their whole lives and careers to it. But for those who only want to ride either for health reasons or for having some fun with friends and family, this article is for you.

There are different kinds of bikes out in the market right now. Each type caters to a different riding style and discipline. For people who want to do long rides on the road, a road or touring bike will be best suited for the job. If you want the thrill of riding up and down dirt roads and hills, then a mountain bike is for you. If you want a bit of both, then a cyclocross or gravel bike is the middle point for the two disciplines.

Regardless of what type of bike you have, you probably take some time during the weekends to ride alone or with some friends and family. You can use this article as a guide whenever you want to head out to the open road with your bike.

Prepare the necessary items

Before you head outside, you will need to bring some things for your ride. Nobody wants to come unprepared. With cycling, you have to double the precautions and preparations.

If you are headed to a far-off location, for example, you should consider bringing along a bicycle rack for your truck bed. This way, you can safely transport your bike. With distance in mind, you should also bring along extra tubes and a small pump for when you get flat wheels while on the road.

For your personal use, bring a hydration pack or attach a water bottle to your bicycle’s frame. Eye protection is also welcome, as well as the use of gloves for better grip on the handlebar. And of course, you should never forget to wear a helmet.

From there, you can personalize it as much as you want. If you need to bring extra clothes or medication, then you should also bring along a bag or attach one to your bike for better and easy-access storage.

Observe safety precautions

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Once you start your weekend bike ride, you should always value your safety. Whenever and wherever you ride, always ride at a speed that you are comfortable with. With older bikes, this is even more important. Old chains, tires, and suspension setups might give out on you when pushed too far.

You should always keep a first aid kit near your person just in case you get into an accident. Your phone should always be with you if you need to contact someone while you are on the road. Moreover, you should have already mapped out your route before your ride so that you will not get lost.

Cycling is a wonderful way to stay fit and have fun. You can do it by yourself or ride with friends and family. If you are determined enough, you can even go pro and make a living out of riding. But for the rest of us that just want to ride for fun, always remember to ride safe and prepare for your weekend rides whether on the trails or pavements.

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