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Keep Your Car Running Longer with These Maintenance Essentials

Owning a car is a major milestone, and having one is something to be proud of. But as its owner, you have a responsibility to ensure that it stays in good condition. To do that, you need to know how to maintain it properly. Here are some of the essential things you need to keep in great shape so that your car won’t have any problems on the road.

Various Fluids

There are a wide variety of fluids that keep your car running. There are three main ones to focus on: the motor oil, the coolant, and the brake fluid. The motor oil ensures that your car’s moving parts move smoothly by lubricating them. Without proper lubrication, heat and friction build up in the various gears and parts, and this damages them.

The coolant is what keeps your engine running at the right temperature. If it overheats, it will not function as well and can even completely break down. As for the brake fluid, you need it to stop your car. If any of these fluids is lacking, then an accident is sure to happen in the future. This is either from the engine breaking down or from your car not being able to stop.

The Tires

An essential part of your car is its tires. Your main concern should be the tire pressure. Inflated by oxygen, the high pressure inside your tires ensures that your tires will be in good shape as you drive. With low air pressure, you can expect blowouts and damage to the tires. Check the pressure once a month at your local service station.

Besides the tires, you should look to the wheel as a whole. Some people like to modify their wheels depending on the environment that they usually drive on. If you think you should do so, then a visit to a wheel shop in Salt Lake City, Utah, and nearby areas should give you a good set of choices when it comes to upgrading your wheels.

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The Air Filters

For the engine to function, it needs to pull in air from the outside so that combustion can happen. But raw air is filled with dirt and particles. Drawing that into the sensitive parts of your engine is a big no-no. This is why there is an air filter. It serves to stop the particles from entering your engine. You should check your filter regularly to see whether it is still clean enough to function. Clogged air filters can affect the performance of your engine, so you need to replace them regularly.

The Spark Plugs

Another part of your car that will need replacement is the spark plugs in your engine. The basic copper spark plug needs changing every 30,000 miles. If you have the fancier iridium ones, then 100,00 miles is the threshold. These should be easy enough to change with the right tools, like your air filter.

Proper care can go a long way to ensuring that your car stays in good condition. The tips above should be a big help in ensuring that your car is in top shape. With your car being taken care of properly, you can expect years of service out of it.

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