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Accessory Options for Grave Markers

Burying your loved one should not mean the end of his/her memory. You can still memorialize his/her burial ground with a grave marker. The marker not only marks your loved ones’ resting place but also provides something by which future generations can remember the deceased.

Cemetery markers are generally crafted from bronze or granite. Bronze is an alloy comprising tin and copper. Granite, on the other hand, is natural, beautiful, and comes in diverse colors. Cemetery markers generally come in two variants, including flat ones and headstones from a Bountiful-based supplier.

The flat ones sit flush with the ground while headstones are upright. Each cemetery has regulations on the types of markers they will allow. To personalize your cemetery marker, opt for an accessory. This, to most people, is an afterthought, but it primarily works with your marker to enhance its design.

The following are the accessory options you have for a cemetery marker.

Ceramic Photos

These are traditionally made by transferring an image onto a ceramic base. The pigments transferred are then baked into the ceramic. Once finished, the photo is directly mounted to your grave marker. The colors used for ceramic photos are fade-resistant.

You thus need not worry about their fading when exposed to weather elements. The prices for the photo will vary according to their sizes.


These can be mounted onto your headstone above ground or into the ground. Most above-ground vases for grave markers are made of solid granite though you can also get them in bronze to match your marker. The vase will be mounted onto the marker using epoxy glue.

In-ground vases, on the other hand, are generally made of zinc or aluminum and enclosed in a protective casing.

Memorial Lights

Solar lights and candles are the commonly used memorial lights for grave markers. Candles come in unique holders that protect their lights from the rain and wind. These holders are made of a transparent lens and lightweight aluminum.

The holder can be mounted into an upright marker or positioned in the ground using a metal stake, solar-power lights are the modern accessories for grave lighting. The lights are acrylic and attached to granite bases. These lights are charged by the sun then displayed at night.

The popular designs for memorial lights are angels and crosses.


grave statue

Most statues in graves are religious, and they are made of different materials, though granite and Italian marble are the leading alternatives. Nowadays, however, more and more people are opting for bonded marble statues. These are made by mixing resin with marble powder then pouring this mixture into a statue mold.

The material is cheaper compared to granite and Italian marble. Hand-carved statues are generally costly but allow you to include some personalized elements.

With one of the options above, your grave marker will not be lost among the many in a cemetery. Even so, you need not leave the choice of your headstone to your loved ones. Several cemeteries now have pre-planned funeral packages within which you can pick the accessory for your grave marker.

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