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Ideas for Transforming the Design of Your Outdoor Floors

Outdoor spaces used to be as simple as a few chairs, tables, and maybe an umbrella or some other type of shade in your yard. Nowadays, this has changed to an elaborate and well-built outdoor space that you are itching to show off and entertain in. One of the crucial elements of your outdoor space is its flooring. Your floor should not only hold up to foot traffic and the weight of the furniture placed on it but also the outdoor weather elements that might damage it.

A waterproof deck floor covering is no doubt the best choice for your outdoor space. This does not, however, mean that your floor should just be a basic one that only serves a functional purpose. It can also become a design element for your outdoors with some tweaking. Here are some design ideas you can employ for your outdoor floors to boost their look.


You can transform your floors into virtually any color with some paint. The paint used in this instance should be waterproof. It not only changes the color of your floors but also serves to protect it from adverse weather conditions. Rather than opting for a one paint color, you can try mixing in different palettes to render visual appeal. Painting works on virtually all floor materials.


With stencils, you can create almost any design you want on your outdoor floors. The two options you can use in this instance are geometric tape and tile stencils. Most people assume that stenciling looks best when used in multiple colors. This may  leave your floors looking cheap and overdone instead of serving as a complementing design. The ideal choice for a classy look is to include a maximum of 2-3 colors on stenciled floors.

Pebble Mosaics

pebbles for floors

It takes time and may be challenging to build an outdoor floor using pebbles. It is, however, worth it in the end if you are able to produce an exceptional and impressive design. There are endless mosaic designs you can choose from with this alternative. You can opt to fashion your family’s name using the pebbles or personalize it with elements and colors that mean something to you and your family. Pebble mosaics are most popularly used for commercial spaces since they allow businesses to customize their outdoor look.

Stamping Concrete

Concrete floors for your outdoors need not look grey and cold. You can create a shiny and exceptional look for your floors by stamping it. Stamped concrete also has a neutral and simple look that will match almost all exterior looks. You can mix the stamped concrete with concrete slabs laid in customized patterns to further enhance your outdoor space’s look.

With the options above, settling for basic outdoor floors is no longer an option. You can get the best-looking floors to complement the other décor elements in your exterior space while standing up to the elements that they will be exposed to. Remember, when need be, you should let your floors and their enhancements be handled by a professional to guarantee their durability and optimum performance.

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