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Affordable Bathroom Upgrades You Can Do Yourself

Making even the smallest changes to your old bathroom is never a bad idea. Of course, if you’re thinking of a complete remodeling or anything that involves excavation, seek help from a professional excavation contractor.

Generally, remodeling your bathroom on your own costs less than half of what a contractor charges, although it would take a lot more time. There are many technical elements that only a professional can figure out. They will do the job faster and more appropriately, subcontracting plumbers and electricians when needed. Doing this on your own can cause damage to your house. Hiring a professional would also give you peace of mind, reducing the worry of potential future failures.

If you’re looking into a bathroom upgrade that you can do yourself, there are some things you can do yourself.

Fixing or replacing faucets and showerheads

The facilities are most important in the bathroom, so you must ensure they are securely functioning and safe for use. If you’re talking to a minor leaky shower head or faucet, you can fix them yourself and even improve your water flow.

For your faucet, you want to unscrew your aerator by hand or with a flathead screwdriver. Simmer it in white vinegar for a few hours to remove dirt buildup. You can apply a similar solution if you think something’s wrong with your shower as well. Remember to rinse and dry before you reinstall them, then run them for a few minutes to observe if they have improved.

For a better water flow, experts say that it’s best to replace your shower head every six to eight months. Aside from the cleaning technique, there can still be buildup and rust that are impossible to fix. When it’s time to replace your showerhead, identify its type and the tools you’ll need to replace it before proceeding. There are varieties of showerheads, so there are also different ways to install them. Upgrading to a newer and more efficient type can allow you to save water and money.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget the diverter. The showerhead isn’t the only important thing in your bathtub. Most of the time, problems in the bathtub involve the little knob of the diverter. Since there are also different types and brands of this, the instructions can be different.

Refinishing your bathtub

a bath tub

A bathtub replacement is only necessary if major problems are occurring. If your problem is merely the appearance, such as a yellowing surface or some little cracks, you can refinish it instead of replacing it. This way, you can save time and money. Replacing has a lot of requirements and is not as affordable. It could take months or even years for it to be completely done.

If your problem is mainly little cracks and nicks on the surface of the tub, all you need is a touch-up. You don’t even need to refinish or replace the entire thing. Nicks, cracks, and peeled paint are easy to fix. Some touch-up products include super glue and white porcelain caulk, which are easy to apply.

Replacing the sink faucet

Installing a new bathroom sink faucet is a good weekend project for a bathroom upgrade. The difficulty of it partly depends on the type and how you’re able to access the underside of the sink. You might want to look out for the plumbing setup too. It can get trickier to install a faucet on an already existing sink since it can be improperly done. A basin wrench can make the work easier since it lets you reach and tighten screws under the sink.

Decluttering and redecorating

This is one of the basic, simplest things you can do to your bathroom, to your entire house even. Declutter a messy room can make a lot of difference and make everything seem brand new and refreshing. Improve your bathroom storage by starting with your medicine cabinet and getting rid of expired products and empties. Similar things can apply to your essentials and skincare products.

If you wish to redecorate, it depends on your preference and taste. Perhaps you want to add some houseplant and place it next to your tub if you have enough space and little ones on your counter and by the mirror. What about adding art pieces to your wall? You can add more hooks or drying rods to a wall to make your towel storage much more convenient for the entire family.

Sprucing up your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. If there is not much of a problem that you can fix yourself, go ahead and do it. However, you should also know where to call a professional.


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