Home Essentials: Keeping an Organized and Clean Bathroom

Bathrooms are considered one of the dirtiest and messiest rooms in a household, primarily because they get used a lot. Additionally, keeping it clean is much harder than most people think.

A clean and organized bathroom can give you a healthier and easier life. By implementing some of these hacks, you should maintain your bathroom organized and clean without spending too much time doing it. Start by getting the necessary tools required to keep your bathroom clean.


Essential Tools for a Clean Bathroom

The first step into keeping a bathroom clean organized is to give the people using it the tools required to keep it clean. This way, they don’t get too lazy and clean it right away.

We all get lazy after a good shower, but this shouldn’t be stop us from keeping our bathroom clean. Having the essential tools around to do it should help. Make sure to have these tools handy for your bathroom:

  • A rag or two
  • Bathroom wiper
  • Mop
  • Toilet brush
  • Scrubbing brush

Once you have these tools ready, you can start implementing daily tasks to keep your bathroom clean. You can distribute these tasks to multiple people in your household, or feel free to do it yourself if you live alone.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

Follow these simple to do daily tasks to keep your bathroom clean:

  • Wiping — Make sure to wipe the counters, faucets, and sinks found in your bathroom. If your toilet is in the same room, make sure to give that a good wipe as well. While you’re at it, make sure to wipe the switches and cabinet handles in your bathroom.
  • Mopping — Mop the floors to ensure that no moisture remains in the floor. A wet bathroom floor can be hazardous for any elders you might have at home. If you have an elderly, make sure to keep the floor dry as often as possible.
  • Throwing trash — If you have a couple of people living in your household, you might have to take out the garbage every other day. This is important if you don’t want smells to build up in your bathroom.

Once you do these simple daily tasks, you’ll notice that your bathroom is much cleaner than before. However, there’s another reason why you should do this, and that is to avoid molds.

Molds in the Bathroom

Molds love growing on damp, moist, and dark surfaces. If your bathroom isn’t receiving sufficient light and is wet all the time, mold can grow in the corners and spaces between tiles. You don’t want molds in your bathroom or anywhere in your house because they are a health hazard. In addition, they can be the cause of severe allergies in your children.

By keeping your bathroom clean and dry, you should be able to prevent molds from growing in your bathroom. However, if molds continue to grow inside your bathroom, you might have to apply mold inhibitors to your bathroom walls. This should keep molds away until they expire.

Don’t Resort to Deep Cleaning Every Month

If you want to keep your bathroom clean, you shouldn’t resort to deep cleaning it every month. Deep cleaning takes a lot more hours from your weekend and takes too much of your energy. Instead, follow the daily tasks we’ve indicated above, and you will never spend more than an hour keeping your bathroom clean.

Keeping the Bathroom Organized

The next step is to keep your bathroom organized. An organized bathroom is a clean bathroom. It’s also good to keep your bathroom organized in case of emergencies. Here are some essentials to keep your bathroom organized.

  • Toothbrush holder — If you have multiple people living in your household, this is a must for sanitary reasons. There are many brands out there like BrushGuard that sell good toothbrush holders. Get one that can stick on your mirror, so it covers less space.
  • Medicine cabinet / First-aid cabinet — A medicine cabinet/first-aid cabinet is necessary for every household, especially if you have children running around. It’ll ensure that anyone who gets wounded can be treated right away.
  • Soap dispenser pump — Liquid soap can be messy when taken out from the container. Make sure to have a soap dispenser pump at the ready.
  • Hanging rack — Hanging racks are great for your towels and hand towels to keep them dry. Additionally, purchase shelves made from stainless steel to ensure they don’t trust easily.
  • Hanging shower caddy — This is a place where you can place all of your shower necessities and a place to keep them.

Once you get these things, you’ll notice that it’s easier to find your bathroom essentials, and you no longer have to look around the house for them anymore.

Through these easy steps, you can keep your bathroom clean and organized. It’ll ensure that no molds will be growing about and that everything you need is right where they are supposed to be.

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