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Are Braces Worth It?

Having straight teeth is considered by the general public as one of the attributes of a conventionally attractive person. This is why most celebrities, especially singers, always seem to have those perfectly aligned teeth. This is also partially due to their faces and mouths being exposed to close-up cameras and the scrutiny of the public eye. And while these celebrities’ smiles make millions of fans swoon with just a simple flash of it, not all of them are born with these exceptional pearly whites.

There are several A-list celebrities who sported braces. Even celebrities with perfect teeth had to undergo and experience different orthodontic appliances in order to achieve them. However, having straight and perfectly aligned teeth actually provides more benefits beyond the physical aspect. Here are a few reasons that make braces worth it and possibly change your mind about the stereotype of braces.

Improves Your Digestion and Overall Oral Health

Wearing dental braces will not only straighten your teeth once the procedure is done, but it will also improve and protect your oral health; with proper maintenance and care, the protection and improvement could last a lifetime. Straightened teeth would make it easier to chew food and break them down properly which could affect your entire digestion in the long run. People have the tendency to forget that the first step in digestion is chewing, and having straight teeth to properly chew and break down the food would also get the proper nutrients that your body needs.

Prevents possible Tooth Decays and Gum Diseases

Having straight teeth would prevent food from getting in between the gaps and spaces of crooked teeth, and therefore it would be easier to clean. Misaligned teeth have extra spaces in which food could get stuck at and way beyond the reach of the toothbrush. For this, the bits of food could get stuck there for a long time without being cleaned and result in tooth decay and gum disease. It could also result in a related and more serious health issue when the alveolar bone gets infected.

Lessens Difficulty in Speech

man at the dental clinicThe teeth and jaw play an active role when people speak, and crooked teeth tend to affect the tongue and its placement. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen on purpose and without you realizing it, and it could get frustrating when you find trouble in pronouncing certain words. With straightened teeth, it will not only align the teeth together but the placement and your bite as well. Braces would allow more fluid and accurate tongue placement when pronouncing the words.

Decreases the Risk of Bone Erosion

The spaces and gaps between crooked teeth could have a buildup of uncleaned bits of food and could make you susceptible to bone erosion. If it remains there for a long time, the buildup of food particles could start not only harming your teeth but the gums underneath it. This would cause swelling and gum bleeding around the area of the mouth and sometimes even teeth falling out. The gaps in crooked teeth provide a similar risk in bone erosion when the teeth get too crowded and the pressure between the jaws becomes too overwhelming.

It’s understandable though as to why most people would not opt to have metal strapped around their teeth and be uncomfortable when eating. However, a couple of months and a few years of being stripped of your freedom to eat anything while struggling to get the food stuck in between the brackets is nothing compared to the reward of a lifetime of improved and healthier oral health once it’s all over. There are other options to escape the traditional metal anyway.

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