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Why an Eco-conscious Man Is the Ideal Partner

Living a sustainable life and caring deeply for the environment has been a developing trend for decades. It’s amplified by the growing concern over climate change and other issues. But sustainable practices are often associated with women, not men. There’s even such a thing as “ecofeminsim.” It recognizes that the struggle of women’s representation intersects with environmental degradation.

But men are also eco-conscious. They may not be as abundant as women, but they do exist. After all, they have the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio. He worked with the United Nations (UN) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). And he, along with other men, are using his influence and resources to spread awareness about the threats of climate change.

What’s interesting, though, is that a study published in the Journal of Business Research shows the surprising connection between eco-conscious men and successful relationships. The researchers found that men who integrate sustainable practices into their lifestyles tend to be attractive to partners who are looking to settle down with long-term relationships. Through some men’s love and care for the environment, they are also showing their capacity to be loving partners. Who knew that a man’s love for the environment can lead him to the love of his life?

Mindful Actions and Impact

A sign of eco-conscious men’s capacity for commitment is how they avoid waste. They live with zero waste lifestyles. It may seem a small thing. But this lifestyle is so much more than carrying a glass straw in your bag or using a personal tumbler when buying coffee. It’s about resisting at all times the urge to buy products with plastic. That’s harder than it sounds. People will never know how plastic is integral to their lives until they start actively avoiding it.

On the other hand, eco-conscious men who live with low-waste lifestyles are committed to making sure their waste is managed properly. If they can, they even bring their recyclables straight to centers with proper equipment from Pioneer Group. It’s so that they could make sure that their waste would never end up in a landfill or in the ocean.

That level of commitment could easily translate to how they are committed to relationships. They are careful with their actions. And they would always make sure that they don’t have negative impacts on other people, especially their partners.

Passion, Kindness, and Humbleness

There’s something to say about a man who’s driven by his advocacies. And it’s not only for the environment. It shows the value of being passionate about something. Sure, other men can be passionate as well about other things. But it’s different when they’re passionate about something that benefits only others, not themselves. Caring for the environment is certainly an example of that. It’s because they’re not earning money and affection from nature. It also shows that they don’t possess narcissistic tendencies. They help nature because it’s in their conviction. It’s as simple as that.

Other positive traits that grow from caring for the environment are kindness and humbleness. They show in the way eco-conscious men are warm and friendly to animals. Again, they’re not really gaining anything from that. It’s only the sheer joy of connecting to other creatures.

Men who are passionate, kind, and humble towards nature show that they can be the same towards other people. And it’s especially beneficial to their partners.


Signs of Commitment

Eco-conscious men show their commitment in the way they value their material things. Quality over quantity is their mantra. For example, they are less inclined to buy multiple watches, one for each style or occasion. They would favor only one watch that’s versatile and long-lasting. They would also be more careful with it and make sure that they make the most of it.

So how does caring for a watch equate to having a committed relationship with a partner? Well, there are studies that show that how people treat material things that they own contribute to their identity. And that, in turn, has effects on how they treat people and maintain relationships with them.

The passion and level of commitment that eco-conscious men give to the environment add up to the foundation of their identity. They are fierce protectors of the environment. Sure, their actions may be considered small. Some would say that they’re just avoiding plastic and being kind to animals. And that those are hardly acts of heroism.

But their small actions build up to their advocacy for the environment. They’re driven by the sheer purpose of wanting to help and making the world a better place by changing some everyday actions. At the end of the day, this is the kind of partner that everyone wants to have.

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