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Beauty and Mental Health Tips to Maintain a Sense of Normalcy During the Quarantine

As the pandemic continues to affect more people and countries, stay-at-home orders are being reinforced, heightening feelings of uncertainty. We struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy because we suddenly have to change our daily routines. Boredom and loneliness settle in as well, and those can be more serious than what people might think.

That is why self-care is critical during this difficult time. It’s the best way for us to maintain a sense of normalcy and nurture our mental health. So here’s how to feel and look good while in quarantine, so that we can emerge from this obstacle with an outer and inner glow-up.

1. Let Your Skin and Hair Restore Their Health

Since we’re only staying home, our skins can finally take a rest from makeup, and our hair from styling tools. Use this break to rejuvenate your skin by trying out a new routine, especially if you’ve been skipping skincare because of your hectic schedule.

You don’t need to observe the famed 10-step Korean skincare routine. Cutting down the steps to just five will do, and it will yield wonderful results, too. Wash your face with a cleanser that’s appropriate for your skin type first, then tone with an alcohol-free product. Apply a serum next, preferably a retinol one, because of its amazing anti-aging properties.

Gently massage your eye area with an eye cream afterwards, and finally, moisturize. If it’s the daytime, add an additional step to that, which is to apply sunscreen. Committing to this simple skincare routine every day will revive the youthful glow you’ve lost from all the stress you’ve suffered before the quarantine.

To keep your hair looking lustrous, skip the chemical treatments and heating tools. “Spot-treat” it instead by removing the split ends. It will also give your locks a little trim, which is essential for keeping it healthy.

Never use kitchen scissors to trim your hair. Invest in a pair of high-quality hair cutting shears to do the job. You may wet your hair first before trimming it, but you may risk cutting it too short, so it’s better to keep it dry. Follow a video tutorial on cutting split ends (since you can’t visit a salon), taking it slow to avoid any disastrous mistake.

These cosmetic enhancements may be simple, but as we engage in them, we experience a reprieve from all the anxiety-triggering news on TV and the internet.

2. Treat Yourself

Treating yourself doesn’t have to involve going out and spending money. It can be as simple as enjoying a long bath with relaxing music playing, and some scented candles around to mimic a spa experience. Perform some home workouts, eat something healthy to boost your immune system, and take control of your own time. It may feel odd at first if you’ve been used to following a certain schedule, but while you’re not restricted by it, enjoy your liberty, as long as you’re staying safe and healthy.

3. Maintain Routines

If you’re privileged to work from home, continue doing your job, as usual, improving yourself if you have to. If you have a business, keep on striving to bring your brand to success, even if you’re temporarily shut down. Staying at home doesn’t mean being idle, so keep your mind busy, but not without foregoing rest.

4. Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones

One of the best ways to nurture our mental health is surrounding ourselves with our loved ones. If you can’t be with them physically, take advantage of digital communication. Having someone to talk to each day helps us overcome loneliness, which is a triggering factor of mental health issues.

Feeling anxious during self-isolation may be inevitable, but the key is to keep our mindset in check. Once you start feeling a little too overwhelmed, take a breather, do something enjoyable, and remind yourself that this, too, shall pass.

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