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Broken Smile: 3 Signs You Have a Bite Problem and You Don’t Even Know It

In most cases, bite problems are obvious. The lower teeth extend farther than the upper, or vice versa. And then there are the upper and lower teeth not meeting when the mouth is closed. It’s clear that one needs some serious intervention for these problems. But it’s also worth noting that some bite issues aren’t that visible. They even look normal at first glance. But, if you experience these things below, it’s likely that you have an uneven bite, which would merit a trip to the dental clinic:

You always have a sore jaw.

Misaligned teeth put unnecessary pressure on your temporomandibular joints (TMJ), the two joints connecting the lower jaw to the skull. As a result, you feel pain in that area especially when you talk or chew. You may even hear jaws making a clicking or popping noise.

If the problem isn’t addressed right away, the joints may swell, which will all the more aggravate the soreness. Get your uneven bite checked immediately. Your dentist should be able to discuss your options for braces. Townsville-based dental practitioners usually lay down the pros and cons of self-ligating, lingual, and Invisalign appliances to patients so they can have an informed decision for their treatment. While addressing the root issue, they also recommend soothing techniques for the sore jaw, like massaging the face, applying an ice pack, taking anti-inflammatory meds, and eating soft food.

You get constant headaches.

The tension around your jaw area can extend even to the temple area, so you inevitably suffer migraines every now and then. Again, the reason for the pain is the jaw muscles working doubly hard to cope with the bite problem. In most instances, people experience the worst headaches in the morning when they wake up.

Why is that? The culprit is the nighttime teeth grinding habit. You see, your teeth are designed to match, the upper and the lower meeting each other. When you have an abnormal bite, those pearly whites intuitively try to line up, find their match, which can then lead to incessant grinding. This happens all throughout the day, not just during the night. The only difference is, when you’re asleep, you’re less conscious of it, and therefore won’t be able to stop it. Thus, the stabbing headaches in the morning. To fix it, again, address the misaligned teeth.

You develop sensitive teeth.

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As a result of the teeth grinding as a coping mechanism for the abnormal bite, your teeth will have noticeable wear. There will be some indentations on the surface of the teeth. There will be some discoloration, but perhaps the most noticeable sign of wear is the tooth sensitivity. It’s harder for you to sip coffee or eat ice cream without flinching. Of course, tooth wear can be brought about by age, diet, and a lot of factors, so it’s still best to consult your doctor to know if the teeth grinding habit from misaligned teeth is also a culprit.

To some, because of the severe dental problem, it’s easy to spot an abnormal bite. To others, however, it’s a little trickier. But it isn’t less of a problem. You need to see your dentist all the same, if you see these signs.

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