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Camping Essential Reminders

Camping can be a good activity to relieve one’s stress. Especially during this pandemic when we were confined in our homes for more than a year, going out into the wilderness can give us a well-deserved vacation. Wherever you plan to go, may it be a lakeside area, up the mountains, or just anywhere in the woods, inner peace can be achieved while interacting with nature.

Preparing for this camping trip will take time and a bit of patience. Ensuring that you have everything you need while away from your home will save you from unnecessarily buying some stuff and even help to prevent certain kinds of danger. Everyone has different camping styles. Some prefer to camp with only one bag holding all their belongings, winging every task in the wilderness using only a few multipurpose tools.

Others drive their convenient luxury motorcoach to the camping grounds, bringing almost the entire home to check every need and not worry much about anything. If you are somewhere between these campers who still want to come well-prepared on the trip, here are the camping essentials that you must remember to make the most of your vacation.

Sleeping Gear

If you plan on camping out in the open, you should prepare well for your lounging situation. A sturdy tent should help to withstand most conditions like winds and rain. Make sure that it is clean and undamaged before you go on your trip. Set it up to ensure that all the parts are complete and are working well.

Bring extra rope and stakes in case you break or lose them. A tarp can also help when it rains heavily. Sleeping bags are cozy setups for when you decide to sleep under the stars. They provide you with much convenience all in one item. But other sleeping materials like inflatable mattresses, pillows, blankets, and sheets are also good for when you want to sleep inside your tent.

Cooking Gear

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The food and drinks you will consume on your trip should also be planned out early. Depending on the kinds of food that you will bring, different preparations have to be made for your convenience. Packed and preserved foods are easy to bring and may only require tools like your usual utensils, scissors, knives, and can openers.

But if you want to experience cooking in the wilderness, remember to pack your fire starter kit along with your cooking utensils like tongs and skewers, depending on how you will cook your food. Cleaning up should also be on your list. Bring dish soap, scrub pad, towels, and garbage bags to help keep the campsite clean. A cooler filled with ice will help to keep your drinks cold for longer. Don’t forget to bring enough drinking water.

Personal Belongings

Aside from your change of clothes, your hygiene should still be looked after. Bring your hygiene kit containing your bathing products, toothbrush and toothpaste, and other toiletries that you will need. Bring sets of extra clothes along with other items like thick jackets, long-sleeved shirts, long socks, gloves, and hats for when the temperature goes cold. Don’t forget to bring your IDs, credit cards, cash, and mobile devices just in case you need them.


These extra items that you have to remember will help you to be more comfortable while camping. Sunscreen and insect repellents, umbrellas, a battery-powered lantern, hammock, and other things should be prepared early. Items in case of emergency should also be brought, like a sewing kit, pocket knife, whistle, and safety pins.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is essential when camping away from your home and into the wilderness. You never know what may happen to you in this foreign place, so you must have a first aid kit with you containing the essentials like bandages, antiseptics, a splint, flashlight (and some batteries), scissors, and other medication and disinfectants. You can buy one and add the other items or organize one yourself.

These things are meant to keep you worry-free while on your trip. They can save you a lot of hassle from buying the things you forget to bring with you and struggling to remedy any injury while away from the city. But as the virus is still around and can be contracted even when you are already vaccinated, always try to uphold the pandemic protocols of wearing masks and distancing yourself from other campers. Your safety is still of the utmost importance while you are relaxing somewhere peaceful. With these reminders, you should be ready to go on a camping trip anytime, anywhere.

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