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Water Sports in Traverse City, Michigan: What You Need to Know

Take a deep breath and open your eyes to see there is no salt in the water. One-fifth of the freshwater on Earth flows through the Michigan Great Lakes, and residents in Traverse City relish the opportunity to give back to the community. There are a variety of activities accessible, including surfing, SUPing, and riding a Jet Ski! Enjoy some time on the water while you visit by participating in one of the numerous fun water activities and sports available. You and your family will have a blast doing anything from riding a Jet Ski to canoeing during your stay.

Jet Ski and Boat Rentals at the Concierge Level

If you rent a boat or a Jet Ski, you will receive much more than just a pleasant time on the lake. There are inspiring resorts that value the help they provide their attendees: from advice on the finest sailing places to the best approach into the port (there’s no need to lug that cooler across the beach!).

Your trip should be as stress-free as you could hope for. Additionally, when you return your rental boat, the personnel will even leap in the water to assist you in docking your vessel safely.

Kayak Brew Tour

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for anyone who likes to study the Traverse City neighborhood beer scene and requires a free air diversion to do so. Visits to kayak breweries are an excellent way to break up your day.

The tours run about four hours, depending on how fast your group’s bicycles accelerate, how fast your kayak rows, and how much time you spend at the distilleries you spend there. All visits are accompanied by a booklet that provides answers to common queries and aids in discovering your path.


Without spending time on the water, your trip to Traverse City isn’t complete. There are several options for a quick or lengthy adventure on the water, rowing in Lake Michigan, or a fun tour via midtown. But don’t be alarmed if you don’t have your kayaks with you; several locations in the area have kayaks available (and many will likewise deliver them to you).

Kneeboarding, Waterskiing, or Wakeboarding

The calm waters of Grand Traverse Bay and the other lakes in the area are ideal for wakeboarding and waterskiing. There are several places in the area where you may rent hardware, making it easy to come across throughout your trip. Kneeboarding might be a good alternative if wakeboarding and waterskiing are too tricky for you.

Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP)

Believe it or not, you can get used to being on a board, even though you’ll have to rely on the water’s waves for balancing. SUP is best done in the mornings or evenings, and if you time your trip well, you may even see the sunrise or sunset. Several locations in the area rent and sell sheets, much like with other water activities. Did you know it’s also a great way to tone up your chest?

Stream Skiing

Whether you bring your own or rent one while you’re here, getting out on the lake on fly skis is the best way to appreciate how beautiful our new water is. In Traverse City, you have a few options for renting an apartment. You can start fly skiing in various locations, including sites outside of Traverse City and in the Bay on Lake Michigan.

Surfing, Windsurfing, or Kitesurfing

Why don’t you try your hand at surfing? As recently as Traverse City and  Benzie County, it has grown in popularity and heightened travel qualms. Lake Michigan is a popular place for surfing in the fall and winter since the winds are robust and the swells are bigger. Local businesses sell sheets and have exercises available for those who have never played the game before in various locations.

Shore-to-shore Delivery

You’ll find plenty of getaways in Traverse City. On the other hand, some of them will deliver a boat or a jet ski anywhere in Northern Michigan. If you’re on a lake or a river, they’ll bring your Jet Ski, paddleboard, or boat to you, so you can focus more on having fun on the water.

Things like what snacks to bring and what swimsuit to wear are some things you constantly worry yourself about. So let them handle the transportation and focus on boat transit from the beach to the shore.

Boaters have been drawn to Traverse City’s crystal-clear waterways time and time again. Grand Traverse Bay’s twin arms, shielded by gentle hills, combine the benefits of deep water with storm protection, excellent marinas, and nearby shopping, dining, and maritime authorities.

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