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Caring for Yourself and Others During the Pandemic

The pandemic has put a stop to all regular operations and has limited the people’s movement in order to contain COVID-19. The time spent indoors had all people facing different problems and had them forgetting how to take care of themselves. But now that restrictions have eased, people can go out and enjoy things like before. The virus is still around, which is why several protocols are enforced to ensure the safety of everyone.

Taking care of yourself is essential, whether it’s your physical appearance or not. It makes you feel good about yourself despite what is happening. Here are tips on how to take care of yourself and others during this pandemic:

Get Off Social Media

News related to COVID-19, such as death counts and the number of patients in the hospital, is enough to make you stressed. Add politics into the mix, and you’re ultra stressed. This will carry on throughout the day, which is not suitable for your emotional state. What you need to do is to deactivate your social media to avoid being exposed to these. Whatever you feed your mind is what will manifest.

You will start to notice that you’re calmer and happier without the weight of the negativity of social media looming over you. The time you spend on social media will now be spent reading, watching a movie, or any other worthwhile indoor activity. Try to distance yourself from social media as much as possible.

Travel Responsibly

Traveling is now allowed with several protocols being enforced. The wearing of masks, a negative COVID-19 PCR test, and a vaccination card are among the common things that are required when you travel. These requirements may be a hassle to you, but they’re meant to keep yourself and the others safe. This protocol ensures that there is little to no transmission of the virus itself. The protocol is only effective if you are responsible enough to obey them.

Drink Your Vitamins

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Strengthen your immune system by drinking your vitamins. Vitamin C is an effective vitamin to take to strengthen your immune system. The maximum amount that you can take daily as an adult is 2000 mg.

Set reminders on your phone so that you won’t forget to take them. You will less likely get the virus if your immune system is strong. So start taking your vitamins now.

Obey Health Protocols

Health protocols are enforced so that everyone is safe when they’re out and about. The virus is deadly and has claimed millions of lives already, and this will increase if people will not obey health protocols. The people in authority know what they are doing, and the least we can do is follow them. Everyone is suffering; therefore, we should do our part in decreasing the number of deaths. Obeying health protocols is our way of showing that we care for one another.

Avoid Crowded Spaces

The virus transmission is high when you are in a crowded space. The news is constantly warning everyone about this. So as much as possible, stay away from crowded areas to lessen your chances of having the virus.

Grocery stores, which are crowded most of the time, are the one place that you should be cautious about. Social distancing is a must at these places to contain the virus. Keep at least one meter away from each other.

Taking care of one another is crucial during this pandemic because we are all affected by it. It’s beyond our control, and we all wish the same that it should go away soon so that our lives will be back to normal. The number of infected and the number of deaths will continue to increase unless we do our part.

Being a good citizen and obeying the protocols is one way of showing that we care for ourselves and others. Not all of us have strong immune systems that can withstand the effects of the virus, especially with older people, children, and people who are immunocompromised.

We have to take responsibility for ourselves because the hospitals are packed, and the bills are not cheap. Several people experienced a loss of taste and difficulty in breathing when they got COVID-19. Now imagine this if you are immunocompromised—it’s even more difficult. So as long as you are healthy, do the things that make you healthy so that you have more defense against the virus. Moreover, you should also encourage your loved ones to do the same so that they’ll be healthy as well.

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