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Cars on Instagram: 12 IG Accounts Motorheads You Should Follow

There’s always something for everyone on Instagram. Almost everything worth taking interest in can be found on Instagram. There are funny memes, meaningful videos, current events updates, and personal posts from users.

There are accounts for comic book geeks, parents, and even car enthusiasts.

For car-related Instagram accounts, you have several sub-groups to choose from. There are accounts for Subaru fans ranging from photos that showcase their car collection to accounts that give all sorts of information like leads to affordable car parts to satisfy your Subaru head gasket repair needs or whatever part it is you’ve been looking for. The point is, there’s a little something for almost everyone on Instagram.

If you’re a hardcore motorhead or casual fan of cars, here are some IG accounts that you should check out and follow:

1. Alexpenfold

If you’re into high-end European cars and supercars, then UK-based photographer Alex Penfold’s IG account is one that you should follow. Scoot over to his account and check out his work. His short, simple, and sweet approach to his work will leave you wanting more.

2. Afbenaza

AF Benaza is a TV commercial director that has an impressive body of work as a professional. But unknown to many, he’s also an avid motorcycle fan and rider. His Instagram account shows his passion for motorcycles and vintage cars to the delight of his 3,500-plus followers.

3. Huseyinerturk

With over 130k followers on IG, Los Angeles-based photographer Huseyin Erturk posts only great pictures of cars with the simple hashtag #drivetastefully. Nothing else. No captions. No tags. No promotions. No marketing. Just outstanding glorious photos of cars.

4. Daemonexmachina

This IG account is owned by a Filipino whose passion for bikes, cars, travel, and more bikes have led her to different places and meet different interesting people. Yes, deamonexmachina is a lady. And there’s nothing hotter than a chick who digs fast cars and bikes.

5. poolsidefm

Poolside FM, an online radio station, has over 83k followers on IG. One would think that it’s an account that has to deal solely with music. Think again.

Their posts vary from cars to vintage pop culture references making it a sort of one-stop-shop for ‘80s nostalgia. You get great songs, awesome pics of vintage cars, and a fun walk down memory lane in this time capsule of an account.

6. Petrolicious

One of the most famous car-related Instagram accounts is @petrollicious.Petrolicious is known among car enthusiasts all over the world as the top automotive lifestyle brand that produces spectacular short films and intelligent editorials and reviews of some of the finest classic cars in the world.

7. Kblock43

IG user @Kblock43 seems to be living the good life if you take a look at his IG profile. You’ll see tons of posts about rally cars and other extreme sports. You’ll also get a few glances at his family and his entrepreneurial side as you browse through his account. His life is as colorful as his choices in livery.

8. Instaroads


For the motorhead that likes to see picturesque views of winding roads down mountains, lush green forests, and clear blue skies, look no further than @Instaroads IG account. His pictures showcase amazing cars against breathtaking backdrops that will captivate you and leave you wanting more.

9. Larry_chen_foto

If the name sounds familiar to you, that’s because it is Larry Chen’s IG account. Chen is a world-renowned photographer best known for his out-of-this-world car photos. The car culture and commercial automotive photographer is followed by more than 543k people on IG with more people getting on board with each day.

10. Kombirutera

If you’re like us who are big fans of the Volkswagen Kombi or Microbus, then you’re in for a treat when you follow Kombirutera on IG. His account shows you what the van life is like — the good life. It’s filled with awesome pics of not just his classic camper van but you also get to see his beautiful family as they live life on the road.

11. carthrottle

If you love viral car memes, look no further than @carthrottle on IG. More than 1.6 million followers have access daily to their content, some of which are absolutely hilarious. Of course, there are a few serious posts about cars and life in there but generally, folks follow it for the funnies.

12. Live_and_let_diecast

We told you there’s a little something for everyone on IG, right? Well, for the car nut who’s also a toy collector, @live_and_let_diecast is the account for you to follow on IG. The photos posted all come from their community of diecast miniature-scale car collectors. We swear that if you didn’t know those are toys, they could easily be mistaken for the real thing.

Be sure to give these accounts a follow. Perhaps you can even learn a thing or two from them in managing an IG account and creating engaging content.

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