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Entertainment Room Ideas That Will Make You Want to Stay Home

A man cave, or game, rec, pool, or entertainment room—no matter what it’s called—is a place where we can unwind and let go of the stresses of the day. It’s also an area where we can entertain our guests with games of various kinds. If you don’t have one in your pad yet or planning to give yours an upgrade, setting it up and looking for the right theme that suits you can be quite a task.

You can choose to simply make it a comfortable space for relaxation or something personalized by displaying your hobbies and outfitting it with the things you like the most. It can be placed in your basement or spare room or be the focal point of your flat. Looking for suggestions can be challenging, so we’ve narrowed it down to a list featuring popular and unique themes to get your ideas flowing.

Go Retro

If you are nostalgic for the ’80s or ’90s or simply feel like you belong in that era, you can travel back in time by giving your game room a vintage upgrade. Given that vintage and classic items are a fad these days, you won’t have any trouble looking for things that scream retro, making this theme fairly easy to achieve.

To cop this look, you can paint your walls using loud, vibrant colors and bold designs. Displaying furniture or equipment mostly known for having a retro look, such as a classic arcade game or a jukebox, will also add to the mood. For added charm, using a turntable accompanied by famous vinyl records as a source of music will let you fully channel that retro vibe.

Laid-back Style

For lads who simply want to relax in a comfortable space after a long day, this idea is perfect for you. You can give your game room a laid-back look by using light-colored shiplap panels for its walls, similar light-toned furniture, comfortable couches, and even going as far as setting up a ping pong or pool table. While you’re at it, you can also throw in some fun tabletop games for when your friends or family drop by.

Home Bar

One idea suitable for those who enjoy liquor is setting up a home bar in your game room. It will save you from crowded pubs. If you are a fan of spirits and actually possess an impressive supply of liquor, you can store your collection in a place that will allow you to show it off to your visitors. To evoke a modern bar ambiance, painting the room you intend to turn into a home bar with dark, neutral tones and using metal or stone elements will give it a modern and chic vibe. For space-saving options, you can install a cellarette, a minibar, or a cocktail cabinet to showcase your collection.

Indoor Playground

For active types and those who always have kids over, an interesting and child-friendly option is to convert your rec room into an indoor playground. This setup usually features equipment you commonly see in playgrounds, such as slides, rope ladders, monkey bars, swings, and even a rock-climbing wall and a ball pit. Not only will this equipment give your entertainment room a fun upgrade, but it will also keep you fit through enjoyable activities.

Home Theater

watching a movie

Since most theaters are closed owing to the pandemic, why not choose to turn your entertainment space into a home movie theater? A sure favorite among the places in your house, a home theater, will let you watch titles on a widescreen and give you that exciting feeling that can be felt when watching films in a movie house. To add to that movie theater vibe, you can set up comfy couches and movie house staples such as a popcorn machine. To top it off, using a projector and installing a surround sound audio system will make the experience much more realistic.

Game Room

Suitable for gamers, turning your man cave into a full-on gaming room will make you the envy of your opponents. To give it that exciting and alluring gaming vibe, installing dynamic LED lights might do the trick. Another option would be to invest in consoles and upgrade your gaming setup, so you can play your favorite titles whenever you want to. You can also install cool RGB lights on your gaming rig to heighten the experience. Dedicating a wall for designs featuring your favorite games will add a nice effect to your setup, as well.

Game or recreational rooms serve the purpose of giving you a space solely for your hobbies or entertainment. Still, you can also make staying or relaxing in your hobby-dedicated space a more enjoyable experience by upgrading it using cool themes and designs.

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