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Challenging Hobbies that You Can Benefit From

Although watching Netflix is good for relaxing, some of us can feel restless with passive hobbies. In the modern age, people are so consumed by technology that they can become complacent. However, some want the skills and hobbies that challenge them.

If you’re someone who loves knowledge and has a lot of technical skills, you may be the type to want a hobby that tests their problem-solving skills. There are actually quite a few hobbies that can test your skills and give you the thrill of discovering something new. For men who want an exciting new skill, consider these unique hobbies.

Car Repair and Improvements

When people say they are into cars, most of the time, they mean just collecting and looking at expensive cars. A lot of those people actually don’t much about the technical aspects of cars. If you are looking for an exciting hobby that tests your mathematical skills and understanding, why not go deep into the specifics of car parts.

Surveys found that 68 percent of cars actually have something wrong with them. People with this hobby often start with just tinkering and repairing basic car issues. Then, they take it a step further and learn how to fix issues that normally require a mechanic. This usually involves things related to engine and hydraulic machinery repair.

More advanced hobbyists often get nice sports cars and replace their internal parts to improve efficiency and speed. The end result is a custom vehicle that performs unlike any other and can sell for high. Working on cars is an excited, albeit a bit expensive, hobby to have.


You may have only heard of blacksmiths in stories and video games. It’s an old art but still practiced today. There’s a unique science in being able to shape metal however you want. Aside from that, it is also a physically demanding hobby. You have to carry heavy metal and work in a warm area.

Blacksmithing is a great conversation starter because not many people see it today. Most people in this hobby create intricate swords and weapons for props or other uses. You’ll find that a lot of people in this hobby are knowledgeable about history and weapons used in the past. They also know a lot about blades and how to create items that cut smoothly through different objects.

With this, you can learn how to make things like knives or machetes for everyday use. It can even teach you how to shape metal for other purposes such as construction.


wood carving

One of the most useful hobbies you can do is woodworking. It seems fairly simple, but this hobby can actually test your technical skill as well as knowledge of physics. This hobby will allow you to create a bunch of cool furniture. This may take some time to perfect, but it will definitely be worth it in the end!

Woodworking is also a good way to let out your inner artist. Once you’ve mastered basic structures, then you can elevate it by creating unique designs. Your knowledge of the technical aspect of it can create innovative furniture and items.

What’s great about this hobby is that it can eventually turn into a business. A lot of people would pay good money on the nice hand-made furniture. If you want to give it a try, there have been woodworking entrepreneurs who have featured their work on Instagram. This then catches the attention of professional architects and interior designs, which marks the start of their business.


If you like working on computers and coding, then robotics is a natural next step to these interests. It is a highly technical job that can be quite interesting once you see the final product. This hobby also has a huge community, so you can always ask for help when needed. Robotics also tests your problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

To get started, there are a lot of basic robotic kits out there for beginners. You can start by tinkering around there. The kits usually include instructions on how to experiment with the parts available. If you want to advance, though, it would require a lot of reading, perfect for those that love to learn.

Glass Blowing

Do you want a hobby that lets you showcase your inner artist? Glass blowing is basically the art of inflating melted glass to create shapes and such using a pipe. The end result of this hobby is a beautiful glass structure that looks like it can be put into museums. You can make ornaments, cases, and pots of unique appearances.

This hobby is quite expensive, though. It requires heavy machinery and large spaces that can cost thousands of dollars. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money just yet, you can try looking at classes to get a feel of it. Advanced hobbyists set up studios at home, building a furnace, pipes, and glass color. The result of your work is incredibly satisfying, though, and you can feel proud knowing that not many people can do it.

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