Making Room for Gardening in a Small Space

A lot of people live in small apartments or homes. There are also times when people want to get into new hobbies, but they don’t have space.

One example of this is gardening. Those who live in apartments do not have the luxury of a lawn or a backyard. At best, they have a balcony or a window that welcomes enough sunlight throughout the day.

Still, this should not stop them from indulging themselves into being plant parents. The trend of indoor gardening has shown people many ways of cultivating plants in their homes. From using recyclables to starting a balcony garden, people have been proudly posting how they have designed gardens even in such small spaces.

Use Recyclables

Using recycled items for gardening requires creativity. DIY gardeners have used egg trays and plastic bottles as planters. There is also discarded hardware that remains idle during maintenance. Instead of having these items lying around until the garbage truck gets a hold of them, it would be more environmentally friendly to put them to good use.

Rain gutters make a good planter. Not only are they quite deep, but they also provide an effortless way to set up a vertical garden. To have more room for things in a small space, utilizing vertical space is a good solution. The gutter can be suspended in the air, mounted on the wall, or placed by the windowpane.

It’s limited to small-to-medium-sized plants only, especially if it’s going to be mounted. Hanging plants can create a curtain-esque effect when they grow out. You can also make a mini landscape project consisting of various plants throughout the length of the gutter.

Indoor Garden

indoor gardeningThere are several factors to consider when starting an indoor garden. Because there will be limited sunlight, the location of the indoor garden needs to be strategic. Additionally, the plants should be right for the kind of environment of the indoor garden.

First, the part of the home where you’re planning to put an indoor garden should have a sufficient source of sunlight. This is why setting it up right next to a window would be ideal. Indoor plants could be prone to root rot when they don’t dry up. Too much water in the soil for a long time will cause the plant to die. Drying out the soil is essential.

Second, some plants are low maintenance. These are perfect for beginner plant parents who are still getting used to being attentive to plants’ needs. They are also good for indoor gardens since they don’t need much sunlight to survive.

Balcony Garden

For some people, the only outdoor place they have is the balcony. It might be empty at the moment or remains unused. Turning it into a garden may be the best use for it.

You would need dozens of pots of different sizes. Plants, soil, and faux grass would be optional. You can grow herbs and other plants that can bear produce to have a little farm on your balcony. For an additional living space at home, adding a chair or two, a bench, or a table will give you a space for coffee or reading a book.

Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t have enough plants to fill the space at first. Once the plants grow, propagating is always an option. The more the garden grows, the more space you’ll need. When the floor space can’t accommodate it anymore, consider using hanging planters to house more plants.

One problem that you can encounter is drainage on the balcony. There could be standing water if the drainage is not working properly. Make sure that the drainage is unblocked and any debris is strained.

Research on Plant Care

Don’t forget to look into basic plant care before starting a garden. Taking care of plants seems easy because they simply sit there. Remember, they have a life, too, and they have intricate needs that a plant parent needs to pay attention to. Different problems manifest in different ways, and you may need to debunk those to solve them. Additionally, plants have various needs, so it pays to research the kind of plant before purchasing it.

The joy of being a plant parent comes every day. Whether it is watering the plants in the morning or talking to them in the afternoon, it always feels good to see them grow. When they become greener and bigger with every passing day, a plant parent deserves a pat on the back.

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