Common Creepy Crawlies: Where Can They Be Found?

For many homeowners, owning a carpet ties a room together; not to mention, it helps them keep warm during winter. The problem, however, is that many people overlook their carpets long enough for them to collect dust, and unfortunately, insects.

That’s right. There’s an ecosystem of creepy crawlies in your carpet right now. Unless you get it cleaned professionally, these pests are going to keep on multiplying and eventually causing you health problems.

We asked expert carpet cleaning service providers about the common creepy carpet crawlies that people might see under their feet. Here are some of them:

Bed Bugs

Despite their name, bed bugs can live just about anywhere with fabric, and they are, in fact, one of the most overlooked infestations in many a home. Bed bugs usually become active at night, and while they’re not exactly known to transmit strange or exotic diseases, they can be a pretty bad nuisance. They will bite any exposed skin they encounter, usually around the neck and head areas, because they’re the most exposed while you sleep. Unless you sleep without clothes on, then they just might explore more sensitive areas to bite.

Again, bed bugs aren’t known to transmit diseases, but there are some people out there who develop allergic reactions to their bites, manifesting either as small red spots, as rashes, or at worst, as hives.

Here’s the problem: bed bugs love warmth, which is why they usually prefer beddings and blankets. But guess what else is warm in your home? It’s your carpeting.

Dust Mites

Speaking of allergies, one of the most common, and unfortunately serious, allergies people have is dust allergies. Dust allergies can cause a wide range of problems, from simple rhinitis to severe asthma and even severe eczema. More than 50% of Americans have a moderate allergy to dust.

Despite being beautiful and crucial to warmth, carpets collect dust. But they also collect dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic insects that live in dust particles and are one of the ways dust spreads from room to room. There are various species of dust mites, three of which can be found in carpets and bedding, and unfortunately, all of them are known carriers of allergens.

Carpet Beetles

High Angle View Of Electric Vacuum Cleaner Over Carpet With Foam

Slightly more “exotic” than dust mites and bed bugs, carpet beetles are uncommon pests that people might encounter in their carpets. Unfortunately, they too can cause a wide range of health problems.

Carpet beetles can usually be found in animal furs, such as flannel, feathers, and woolen. They damage fabrics and can even infest food products. While they do reproduce slowly, they can be a constant, yearly problem.

Carpet beetles are not known to bite humans, but their presence can manifest in painful red welts on the skin, an allergic reaction to a chemical that the pests secrete. They’re also attracted to carbon dioxide, which can make them migrate from your carpet to your pillows, especially if it’s a feather pillow.

Carpet beetle larvae also have long, fine hairs that, if stepped on, can penetrate the skin and cause even more allergic reactions.

With this information in mind, you can be more aware of how you should take care of your carpet and other places in your home. You should take steps to prevent further infestations in your beloved abode.

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