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Do You Know if You’re Using the Wrong Kind of Bed?

Finding the perfect kind of bed has become ever more crucial, as a recent survey has revealed that up to 68% of Americans have trouble with sleep at least once every week. Among those, over a fourth have trouble sleeping most nights. Though many external factors contribute to this, one of the simplest reasons may be right in your room – your mattress.

A bad mattress can cause a host of issues that lead to sleepless nights, and that can be attributed to either having a broken one, one that’s too old,  or one that is not the right type for you. After all, each person has different body types and lifestyles, and the bed you lie on should cater to that accordingly. Whether you have an overly firm or overly soft kind or something else altogether, here are clear signs that you need to buy a mattress for sale to replace the one that no longer works for you:

You have consistent body aches.

Do you feel sore all over or in specific parts of your body? That could be the effect of sleeping on a lousy mattress that is no longer supporting your body correctly or on the wrong type that isn’t giving the right amount of firmness or softness for your sleeping habits.

For instance, if your bed is too soft for you or it’s starting to sag too much, you can expect to have back pain. If it’s too lumpy, you can feel sore on your neck and other parts that are resting on the lumps. An overly-firm one, on the other hand, can also put too much pressure on your side and your joints, causing them to ache when you get up.

You don’t feel rested after waking up.

Feeling tired even after sleeping could be a sign that you’ve spent the night tossing and turning and not getting into a deep enough sleep cycle. That makes you restless the entire time. A terrible bed can cut your sleep short, giving you repeated periods of cutting your cycle and having to go back into slumber throughout the night. Even if your sleep is more or less continuous, discomfort can lead to a less rejuvenating rest that you’ll only feel when you’re up and unsatisfied with your rest.

You don’t feel comfortable staying on your bed for a longer period.


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If your mattress is giving you allergies or it accumulates too much heat without properly dissipating it, you are likely to be unable to comfortably stay on it long enough to get a good night’s rest.

A host of reasons could contribute to this, including the environment. So the state of your room is essential, too. But it’s important to check if your mattress is still in good condition so that it does the job right. Keep in mind that specific use can contribute to how fast a bed breaks down, especially if you’ve been using the wrong type. Aside from that, with age comes wear and tear that will inevitably make it less comfy to stay on for longer periods.

If any of these situations apply to you, it may be time to start looking for a more suitable replacement. You can avoid having problems if you find a suitable one right away.

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