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Pandemic Survival: How People Coped With Isolation

It’s quite impossible to imagine that there was a time when everyone was out and about, a world with no physical distancing, isolation, and restrictions. But it all changed; everyone was asked to stay at home and seclude themselves from each other, a health protocol, a government mandate.

A virus took the best of everyone, curious how something so small could have such a global impact. It became the world’s number one enemy, an adversary that has proven to be challenging to defeat. It is quite challenging to face a faceless enemy.

While the speedy transmission of COVID-19 has caused many in the architectural world to reassess their projects and what it might mean to develop for a world that will not ever be the same again, this is particularly true when it comes to how people gather and utilize huge community areas such as airport terminals, resorts, and healthcare facilities. Other architectural experts have expressed concern about the rapid spread of COVID-19.

A home is now designed in a way that it has everything the household needs. Households now have a water buffer tank, heaters, air purifiers, entryway signs, and many more to accommodate the household.

People had it hard adjusting from being out all the time to being stuck at home. Here are some ways how people have survived the pandemic just by staying at home:


It must have been confusing; people were asked to bring their work home. It differed depending on the profession, but as long as work can be brought home, almost all were encouraged to do so.

Working has been an innate nature for everyone to survive; many people were scared to get laid off, so when the pandemic hit, everyone who had the privilege to continue working created a sense of normality or sanity in a virus stricken world. In contrast, others had to find ways to make ends meet by doing online tutorials, freelance work, and other things.


Food and water is a staple for everyone in order to survive. Ever since humanity decided to settle instead of endlessly roaming around, the concept of the outside world began. At first, putting food in your family’s mouth was a survival instinct, then food eventually became abundant, and for most, food as a means for survival has been mitigated.

Though food evolved into something more than just survival, it didn’t lose its essence. Everyone will still need to eat for nourishment, to stay alive, and as long as there’s food on the table, chances of survival will always be high.

New Hobbies

There are various things that everyone can do at home when not working. It could be a little gym set for weight lifting or a broken faucet that needs fixing. A man’s shelter most definitely would definitely undergo some fixing and cleaning during the pandemic.

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Also, whether making homemade beer in the garage or collecting toys, a new hobby is a great avenue to keep you preoccupied. All these are activities that can be done from home.


For anyone who enjoys gaming, then the pandemic would be the perfect time to just game. Gaming has come to its full potential these days, as technology advanced, and so did gaming with it.

Virtual Reality games have conveniently hit the market recently, and it definitely is a whole new level of gaming experience. Some games even can pay the players who played it through online tournaments.


Most people require no complications at all. Just someone to share and talk with is enough. It doesn’t even have to be a large social circle, and one would suffice. Someone to share stories with, listen to, laugh with, or just that simple pleasure of accompaniment.

It can be a friendship, a platonic, family, or romantic relationship. It is merely the idea of not being alone during a pandemic that gives a man a sense of sanity.

The pandemic has changed what is normal, broken daily routines, and left the rest of the world fearing for their lives. But humans do what humans do best; they adapt. If you think about it, all human creations or innovations are just manifestations of a human trying to adjust to the environment he’s in.

Being stuck at home is no easy ordeal, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to go through. As long as there’s food to eat, things to do, and someone to talk with, it will not be called “being stuck at home.” Instead, it will simply be called “being at home.”

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