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The Midwest Road Trips for a Quick Getaway

Since the pandemic, not a lot of people have been riding planes for their trips. Many have opted to go on the road instead, which might be the best option. Aside from its time flexibility, it’s not that packed with bustling people. You don’t have to get anxious with surrounding individuals—less precautionary measures indeed. But this doesn’t mean that you’d ditch the mask and get on with your trip.

Responsibility comes from planning a road trip. You need the essentials since you’ll be too far from home, like food, a medical kit, blankets, towels, clothes, shoes, good navigation apps, and a well-maintained car.

Road trips take days of driving. You don’t want to get yourself stuck in the middle of the road with a gas leak or, worse, a dead battery. Additionally, high and low temperatures may even cause your windshield glass to crack, which is why it is best to get your vehicle checked before leaving. Bring a spare tire in case of burst tires, a new set of batteries, and a windshield replacement, considering the sudden change in temperature that might damage your windshield.

You’ll have to steer clear of tourist spots too. If you have the vaccine, then it’s okay to go out of state. A classic road trip isn’t a classic road trip without your favorite snacks, a head-banging playlist, and, of course, breathtaking landscapes. These four Midwestern road trips might give you the escape you need. Majestic mountains and a chance to go kayaking? You bet!


If you want a quick dip in the water, definitely take a trip to Wisconsin since almost every road leads to lakes.

Take a drive down Highway, a 250-mile route starting from Prescott to Potosi. This will lead you to the bends of the mighty Mississippi River. You will pass along many dining options. James Beard, an Award-nominated chef, runs some.

Organic farms situated in the countryside will be your next stop. Wine lovers are advised to make a quick stop at the Great River Road Wine Trail for some wine tasting. Many attractions will be waiting for you like galleries, historic sites, the National Eagle Center, and lodging areas where you can stay for the night.

Another notable one would be the Lake Superior Byway trip fitting for a romantic weekend getaway. It’s advisable for fishing and adventure as well. It starts from Bayfield at Federal Highway 2 and State Highway 13 in Douglas County.

This 70-mile route features local food restaurants, pristine sandy beaches, historic fishing villages, and the bendy blue waters of Lake Superior, the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, and the Gayland Nelson Wilderness Area.

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If you have limited time, go for day trips in Indiana that you can access from Cincinnati, Chicago, and Louisville. Indiana is an underrated place filled with small quirky towns, good hiking trails, and superb camping spots.

Suppose you have a knack for gore and horror. In that case, Indiana is for you since it has several cemeteries, haunted hotels, and a former asylum. Start with Primrose Road, believed to be haunted by a woman who will appear to grant you good luck or cause your car to disappear. People think that you need to drive at 20–30 mph or else your vehicle will malfunction.

Some people claim the Barbee Hotel, which Al Capone stayed in before, is haunted by former gangsters, including their murdered girlfriends. You will also pass by several cemeteries like the Crown Hill Cemetery and Stepp Cemetery.

You can also visit the childhood home of President Lincoln, browse flea markets for the best vintage pieces, and spend a day with Amish culture if you want laid-back travel.

Indiana is also known for its waterfalls. Some notable ones are the Salamonie River State Forest—a popular site for fishing, hiking, and camping. Hathaway Preserve features a gorge full of fossils, limestone cliffs, and, of course, breathtaking waterfalls. You could see bald eagles in the area, and a two-mile hiking trail is perfect for travelers who want a taste of the country. During winter, the entire place transforms into a wonderland filled with frozen water and snow.

South Dakota

Drive along twisting mountain roads and past historic monuments like the Wall Drug Store, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, and Badlands National Park. South Dakota was made for the road since it offers a lot to history buffs, adventure seekers, and food lovers.

Suppose you seek the Old Western feel, better head to Deadwood—a rustic main street filled with restaurants, boutiques, and a camping spot. South Dakota is known for its gold rush history and has the graves of Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok, two Wild West figures.

Want a quick stop? The 76,000-square-foot roadside attraction known as Wall Drug Store offers dining, gifts and souvenirs, like a dinosaur statue. They even offer free ice water, with hundreds of people stopping by every day for the shop.

The faces of the four founding fathers carved in the mountain is one of the largest attractions of South Dakota, with more than 2 million people visiting the park in 2020. It is a crowded place to visit amid the pandemic, so you better schedule a time frame for fewer tourists.

With cases actively rising, it is best to research before heading to places you wish to visit. There are COVID-19 tests required; some are even closed and are not accepting tourists. No matter where you are headed to in the Midwest, you best pack and prepare.

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