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Core Skills Every Man Should Master

Being a man in a modern world may still be associated with being a home’s provider, making money, and showing off your macho side. But things have changed and people have become much more open-minded. Many have realized that being man is not all about sculpting six-pack abs and attracting ladies in a bar on a Friday night.

Many men today have eschewed the traditional meaning of masculinity. Being a man today must mean being reliable — someone that his partner, kids, and fellow man can always count on. And to be like that, you have to have the core skills. Below are some of the skills that you may wish to cultivate (these are also things that women can master!).

When Home

Whether you are living alone or with your family, having basic electronic skills is important. Learning how to change a light bulb and a fuse is always valuable. You should also learn how to wash your own clothes (and remove stains), iron them, and sew buttons. Men should also learn how to cook, as you do not want to always depend on takeouts and deliveries. Basic concrete repairs at home and landscaping is a nice skill to have, and this includes negotiations with concrete patio installers.

When you have kids around —whether nephews, nieces, or your own — you should learn how to read a bedtime story. Being an entertainer and reliable playmate also earns you a cookie.

During Functions

Looking good all depends on you, but you may want to show your dapper side when building network and impressing potential partners. In this scenario, you should know how to buy a suit. You should be able to explain the difference between an Oxford and a Derby. You should also learn that smart casual does not always mean wearing t-shirt and jeans. You will also find yourself attending business casual and formal events, so you should know which kind of suit to wear. While you are at it, you should know how to tie a tie, and which know suits a function.

For Your Partner

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Being a great lover is a lot of things. You should learn how to be sensitive, read between the lines, and understand the needs of your partner. If your love language is physical touch, you may want to give your partner a great massage, especially after their long day at work. You must also learn the art of making surprises; for one, you may invite them to an unexpected date. This will surely spice up your romance. Learn how to neutralize an argument — if you know you’re on the wrong, admit it and make it up with them.

For Yourself

Do yourself a favor and do things that will improve yourself and enrich your life. If you need to fly away for a while, solo traveller skills need to be developed. You may want to constantly improve your knowledge by reading and watching content; do not discriminate, you will always learn a thing or two from good movies and bad books.

Being a Man Today

Being a man in this modern world is quite difficult to pin down. But does it really need a specific definition? Regardless, being a man today means being a reliable person.

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