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Simple Steps to Do to Be Fit and Trim Before Your Big Day

Most brides-to-be stress about getting fit and trim for their big day. But weight loss plans do not need to be complicated. The only thing you should remember is that you need to burn more calories than what you’re consuming. Some articles complicate things by giving you advice on what you should prep meals for and the hard-to-find ingredients for it. But when done right, weight loss is rewarding, and you can proudly fit into bridal dresses from wonderful designers for your wedding day.

Keep in mind that when your day comes, you should feel beautiful and confident as you walk down the aisle. You can even enjoy a slice of your wedding cake without the guilt! So since wedding planning is time-consuming, brides need to start with simple meal plans and a weight loss regimen that they can squeeze right in. Here are some tips that make a big difference.

Use Fitness Tracking Apps

Tracking the food you consume is incredibly helpful, and you don’t have to do this forever. You only need to do this for a few days for you to gather enough experience. There are apps you can download on your mobile devices that offer better information and less confusion. Track your regular diet for three to five days and then take out 100 to 250 calories from the average. Use this as the new goal to match your metabolism. It will be doable for the long-term too.

Lessen Starchy Carbs

Consuming less starchy carbohydrates is proven to help reduce appetite, boost metabolism, and lead to faster weight loss. Ideally, a bride should avoid consuming grains, rice, pasta, corn, or potatoes. Try to forgo eating these starches or swap them with something with fewer calories while you still enjoy dinner.

Add More Non-Starchy Foods

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This step is one of the best tricks around. Filling up on veggies can help cut down carb intake effectively. Instead of rice, consume more cauliflower rice and lean meats to fill up.

Eat Only When Hungry

Brides are often overcome with various emotions, and they can easily give in to stress eating. Try to listen to your body even when you are busy or being emotional. If you are not hungry, don’t eat. There are instances when the body mistakes boredom, tiredness, or lack of sleep with hunger. Over time, you will learn hunger and fullness cues. It is tough, but it is possible to build this skill.

Put More Effort in Weight Loss

If you want to become fit and trip for the big day, then focus, put time and effort into it. Prepare a time plan on your chores and include meal preparations on it. Likewise, create a workout schedule. It can be a quick 30-minute HIIT, three times a week, or consult with a trainer for your weight loss plan.

As the wedding day comes closer, brides tend to panic and feel various emotions. Always remember your goals on weight and fitness. Find inspiration such as your beautiful wedding dress and the lovely decorations on the big day. Find your muse so that you’ll be confidently beautiful as you walk down the aisle.

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