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Discerning Sperm Quality and the Causes of Infertility in Men

As humans, we are biologically wired to ensure the continuity of our species by reproducing. However, as we age, we get health complications that are related to the reproductive system. Whether you’re male or female, certain complications such as PCOS, low sperm count, and low-quality sperm can often lead to infertility. This makes it harder for most couples to conceive a child.

When it comes to conception, a sperm will need to fertilize an egg so that mitosis can happen, which will eventually lead to the formation of a fetus. For the most part, a normal healthy male will be able to ejaculate around 100 million sperm cells during intercourse. If this is the case, then fertilization shouldn’t be a problem, right? Well, more factors can affect the quality of sperm

Common medical knowledge would suggest that the more sperm there is in semen, the easier it is to conceive a baby. However — it’s not just the volume that most men should be worried about — they should also be concerned about the quality of the sperm as well.

When it comes to fertility, one of the most important aspects is having healthy sperm that can travel towards the Fallopian tube. Having healthy sperm cells is a priority when couples want to conceive a baby. Not only will this increase the likelihood of successful conception, but this will also ensure that the baby is perfectly healthy throughout the process of development.

What Are the Causes of Low-Quality Sperm?

Still, male infertility is a pressing issue, and most men lack the ability to impregnate their fertile partner. Most of the time, men are not too concerned with their reproductive health and discover such a condition after a repeat number of instances of being together with their partner. After a year or so, they’ll start wondering why they cannot get their partner pregnant.

So what are some facts regarding low-quality sperm and infertility? Here are some causes that you will need to be mindful of.

Toxic Materials

In most cases, toxic substances from different environmental hazards can be a leading cause of men’s infertility. There’s going to be times that we will need to expose our body to toxins, especially if we are doing chores, working, or maintaining our home. For instance, you’re planning on spraying pesticides on plants or hard-to-reach areas of your home. If your body is sensitive to different toxins, especially pesticides, you might want to commission pest control services that have the proper safety equipment and the expertise needed to handle such a situation.

It’s important to note that toxic substances and materials can come in the form of what we take into our bodies. In this case, heavy drinking and smoking can often result in drastic changes to the quality of sperm. Most of the time, even medications and mind-altering drugs can affect the production of sperm.


Certain studies have also suggested that men who have a BMI of above 30 have a higher chance of having low sperm quality. This is because obesity and the number of fat in the body will usually affect the production of the sperm. It’s also known that the traits of men will also alter the DNA of the fetus.


Based on studies, a man’s ability to impregnate the opposite sex will steadily decrease at the ages. Usually, this ability to conceive will peak at the age of 35.


Most of the time, your body will pool resources into a certain part of your body when they see injuries. Most cases would say that there’s swelling around the testicular area.

There are essentially different ways of how injuries can affect the quality of sperm, but trauma and accidents are one of the main causes.


Lastly, pre-existing conditions that have been with the individual since birth can affect reproduction. There are also instances that individuals born with genetic complications, such as those with Down’s Syndrome, will usually have an even lesser chance of conceiving.

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Male infertility will usually account for a good percentage of the cases in the country. There’s really no one cause of male infertility, and there are basically no symptoms that people won’t know what the reason is.

If you’re in doubt of your current situation, you can always have semen analysis from medical practitioners so that you can identify the right course of treatment. But other than just medication and proper procedures, the best way of increasing the quality of your sperm is by having a healthy and active lifestyle.

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