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Do People Still Want Weddings?

Are weddings still special? The alarming divorce rates seem to say the time of fairytale endings is no more, but there are still couples who make it until the end. And divorce notwithstanding, couples still need that picture-perfect wedding day to get their union off to a good start.

However temporary everything around us might be, this doesn’t diminish their value in our life while we have them.

Weddings: Always Aspirational

One of the reasons weddings will always be celebrated is because they are aspirational. They are how you want your married life to be. You want your spouse to have their eyes on you, and you want the full support of family and friends. You want every little detail to be perfect, and you find a wedding photographer in Detroit to document every stolen glance and candid moment between you and your spouse. As long as people believe in love, the significance of weddings will not be diminished. Couples will always need that day to look back on when they’re facing tough challenges, and it is this day that sets the standard for all other celebrations as a couple.

Instant Gratification

groom and bride kissing inside wedding marqueeCouples work hard to plan the best wedding they can afford. Nothing is sorted out overnight. Yes, a spontaneous trip to Vegas will make you just as married as when you spend thousands of dollars on a church wedding, but they will make for two completely different experiences. A spontaneous wedding might be akin to instant gratification, which can make you happy at the moment, but without the build-up that a carefully planned wedding has, it might not feel real. For couples who want to spend their lives together, the wait for the wedding day is part of their journey, and that’s what makes it special.

It’s Not Just About the Couple

Weddings will remain an important life event because of the people the couple chooses to share the moment with. Estranged family members can be welcomed back into the fold, and broken relationships mended. There might be a tribute to those who couldn’t be there for the celebration. Family photos mark the union of two individuals and the support they give to the newlyweds. The couple gets some assurance that they’re starting the new chapter in their life on solid footing and if they have problems, they have people to turn to. The wedding reception is where they get all the words of encouragement, which might be what they need during tough times.

It’s Time to Have Fun

At the end of the day, weddings will remain part of a couple’s life because it’s a celebration like no other. It’s celebrating their marriage and everything they’ve worked hard for. It’s welcoming them into a new life, and it’s a good reason to dress up, too.

When you’ve found the one and you want to spend the rest of your life with them, it’s natural to want a wedding. This is one life event that will never lose its meaning.

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